FFX: How To Get Every Tidus Overdrive

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Tidus learns new Overdrives by continuously using the ones he already knows. It’s a ladder-type growth.

He starts with Spiral Cut by default.

To learn his next Overdrive Slice & Dice, he must use Spiral Cut 10 times.

Then he learns Energy Rain after using Slice & Dice 30 times.

After using Energy Rain 80 times, Tidus will learn his final Overdrive: Blitz Ace.

Learning all his Overdrives is in no way challenging, just something you have to pay attention to and wait for.

You’ll learn them all super easily just by playing through the story naturally.

But as a quick recap, here’s how they’re all unlocked:

  • Spiral Cut: unlocked by default
  • Slice & Dice: use Spiral Cut 10 times
  • Energy Rain: use Slice & Dice 30 times
  • Blitz Ace: use Energy Rain 80 times

Which Of His Overdrives Are The Most Useful?

Tidus only gets four Overdrives, and out of that, only two are worth using: Energy Rain and Blitz Ace.

Energy Rain is great for crowd control and can wipe out groups of weaker enemies in a single turn.

And Blitz Ace is the go-to single-target attack that does tons of damage – and it’s awesome to look at.

Blitz Ace is Tidus’ version of Omnislash and Lionheart.

The cold truth is that once you get Blitz Ace, it’ll be what you’ll probably use as his overdrive for the rest of the game, maybe with the rare Energy Rain thrown in there every now and then.

Blitz Ace is just that good and makes both Spiral Cut and Slice & Dice pretty much obsolete.

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