How Do You Get Triple Overdrive? (FFX)

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To customize Triple Overdrive onto a weapon, you’ll need 30 Winning Formulas.

These can be obtained by bribing a Sand Worm with 900,000 gil for x15 of them, which is arguably the better farming method when it comes to bribes. If you go this route then you’ll need 1.8 million Gil to bribe enough Formulas for Triple Overdrive.

And you also get x99 Winning Formulas for unlocking Neslug at the Monster Arena, which can work too – but this is a one-time reward.

Yes, both of these options are annoying and time-consuming.

Unfortunately, that’s just how the cookie crumbles for this particular item – since there really aren’t any other good methods of getting them consistently.

If you’re going for bribes, Sand Worms can be found in the Bikanel Desert.

Or if you’re going after the one-time unlock reward, Neslug is unlocked after you capture one copy of every single fiend in Spira.

Yeah, you’ll have your work cut out for you either way.


What Does Triple Overdrive Do?

It… it triples your overdrive.

That is to say, your overdrive meter will fill three times as fast.

And that’s pretty much it – granted this can be helpful if you’re relying on overdrives a lot for certain battles.

But just note that this does not stack with any other overdrive boosts, such as Rikku’s Eccentric mix, or the Double Overdrive ability.

Sand Worm battle screenshot / FFX HD

Is Triple Overdrive Worth It?

Normally, no.

Triple Overdrive isn’t too great of an ability since your overdrive meter fills fairly quickly as-is, and it can be further tailored by using the various overdrive modes effectively.

However, Triple Overdrive is one of two key abilities needed to execute the famed Don Tonberry AP trick – which can get you upwards of ninety-nine sphere levels in a single battle.

So, while Triple Overdrive won’t get any real use in most day-to-day battles, it is an immensely powerful tool for those looking to max out the sphere grid.

Further, the thirty Winning Formulas needed to customize Triple Overdrive are among some of the most annoying in the game to procure. So ultimately this particular ability’s usefulness really depends on how badly you’d want it.

Have fun!

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