How To Get Wakka’s Overdrives in FFX (Complete Guide)

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Wakka’s Overdrive abilities, also known as “Slots”, can be obtained generally by winning blitzball leagues and tournaments. Certain Overdrives will only appear as blitzball prizes after participating in a number of battles outside of the Monster Arena.

All of Wakka’s Overdrive Modes
Overdrive Name Requirements To Unlock
Element Reels Wakka’s default Overdrive
Attack Reels Blitzball tournament prize
Status Reels Fight 250 battles, then it will be a blitzball league prize
Aurochs Reels Fight 450 battles, then it will be a blitzball tournament prize

If you are sure that you meet the required number of battles for one of Wakka’s Overdrives but you don’t see it as a prize, do not enter the league or tournament right away. Instead, try saving your game and then resetting it.

Attack Reels Tournament Prize / Final Fantasy X
Attack Reels Tournament Prize

When you load your file and check the prizes, there is a chance that it will be swapped for new items.

Once you play one game in a league or tournament, the prizes for that mode will be locked until you finish it.


Details & Effects For Each Overdrive


Element Reels

Element Reels / Final Fantasy X
Element Reels

The icons for this Overdrive will be of the four different elements.

Lining up 3 identical icons will have Wakka deal an AoE attack to all enemies of the corresponding element, while matching 2 out of 3 icons will deal a single-target elemental attack to a random enemy.

If all 3 icons are different, Wakka will just attack a random enemy with damage slightly higher than a standard attack.


Attack Reels

Attack Reels / Final Fantasy X
Attack Reels

The icons on this Overdrive will indicate “1 Hit”, “2 Hit”, or “Miss”. The total of the results of these reels will determine how many times Wakka will attack enemies at random.

If all three icons match, the sum will be doubled for the resulting attack. For example, if you get “2 Hit” for all three reels, Wakka will launch 12 attacks instead of just 6.


Status Reels

Status Reels / Final Fantasy X
Status Reels

The symbols on this Overdrive will be a skull, an arrow pointing down, and an hourglass, each representing a status effect it can inflict upon enemies.

Here’s a quick look at what each symbol will do:

  • Skull – inflicts poison, sleep, silence, and darkness for three turns
  • Down – applies Full Break, reducing the target’s stats
  • Timer – inflicts Petrification. If the target is immune, it will instead delay their next turn and inflict Slow

Just like the Element Reels, if all three symbols match, the status effect will be applied to all enemies. If two symbols match, the status effect will be applied to one random enemy.

If there are no matching symbols, Wakka will just attack a random enemy with no status effects.


Aurochs Reels

Aurochs Reels / Final Fantasy X
Aurochs Reels

This is a combination of the Element Reels and the Status Reels.

It includes the symbols from both sets and follows the same mechanic when matching them up.

However, another symbol is added to the reels – the Besaid Aurochs logo. Matching three Besaid Aurochs symbols will have Wakka unleash a massive burst of damage to all enemies.

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