FFX HP Stroll: What It Is & How To Get It

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HP Stroll is an armor ability that causes HP regeneration as Tidus walks around in the overworld. It restores about 200 HP every eight steps.

You’ll need x2 Stamina Tablets to customize this ability onto a piece of armor.

Conversely, certain enemies also drop armor with HP Stroll already on it, but that may end up being more work depending on what you need (more details further in this guide).


Stamina Tablet Farming for HP Stroll

Stamina Tablets are, unfortunately, one of those hard-to-get items that really doesn’t have a super great farming strategy.

There’s a few decent options:

  • Unlock One-eye (one-time reward)
  • Rare Steal from Adamantoise
  • Bribe Defenders (240k Gil for x20 tablets)

The easiest way to get more than you’ll (probably) ever need is by unlocking One-Eye at the Monster Arena. Doing this gets you x60 Stamina Tablets as a one-time reward.

One-Eye at the Monster Arena / FFX HD
One-Eye at the Monster Arena

But you can also get Stamina Tablets from Adamantoises, though these tablets are a rare steal (~12% chance). If you wanna save Gil then this could be a decent farming method.

Or lastly, you can bribe Defenders with 240,000 gil for x20 Tablets, or you can bribe Bashuras with 440,000 Gil for x80 Tablets. These are pricey options, but if you have the Gil to spare then go for it.

Tip: remember you only need x2 Stamina Tablets to customize the ability onto a single piece of armor. So even unlocking One-Eye for sixty total is way more than enough.

One-Eye is unlocked after capturing four of every Eye-type enemy in Spira. There are five enemies (each in different areas) but you’ll need 4 copies of each, totaling twenty captures in total:

  • Floating Eye on the Mi’ihen Highroad
  • Buer on the Thunder Plains
  • Evil Eye in the Macalania area
  • Ahriman on Mt. Gagazet
  • Floating Death in the Omega Ruins

But if you really wanna farm them, here’s your other best options:

  • Adamantoises (to steal from) can be found in the Final Dungeon and the Omega Ruins
  • Defenders (to bribe 240k Gil) can be found in the Cavern of Stolen Fayth
  • Bashuras (to bribe 440k Gil) can be found on Mt. Gagazet
Bashura battle on Mt. Gagazet / FFX HD
Bashura fiend on Mt. Gagazet

HP Stroll Armor Drops

If customizing seems like a lot of extra work, then farming for armor drops that already have HP Stroll can be a viable strategy.

In the Thunder Plains, there are odd Qactuar Stones scattered about.

These are ultimately part of creating Rikku’s Celestial Weapon, but they also have the added effect of adding Qactuar fiends to the random encounter pool when you pray at them.

So if you pray at a stone and then grind a little bit, you can encounter Qactuars on the Thunder Plains. And they have a (small) chance of dropping armor with HP Stroll on it.

And this is arguably the best “early game” method you can do to actually get HP Stroll fast.

Will it take a little time? Sure.

Is it worth it? Well…

Cactuar Stone glowing in FFX HD
Cactuar Stone close-up

Is HP Stroll Worth The Effort?

I don’t think so.

There are plenty of ways to restore HP when out adventuring. If you’re going to go Qactuar hunting, it’d be a better use of your time to look for MP Stroll armor instead.

MP has a wide variety of uses, including restoring HP (magic can be used inside and outside of battle).

Further, HP Stroll doesn’t have a lot of return on investment.

It takes a lot of walking to restore any substantial amount of HP. And when you factor in random battles that might reduce all that recovery, it just doesn’t come together as being worthwhile compared to MP recovery.

Ultimately, skip HP Stroll and save your Stamina Tablets for Auto-Potion instead.

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