FFX: Irga Ronso Blitzball Stats + Location

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Irga Ronso can be found hanging around the Number 4 Dock in Luca.

She often plays for the Ronso Fangs, but when she’s available for recruitment she’ll cost 450 gil per game.

And she can be recruited as soon as you’re able to play Blitzball from save points.


Who is Irga Ronso?

Understandably, Irga is a Ronso.

She’s a defender on her home team, the Ronso Fangs, and can be brought to your team for a high price.

Irga is one of those players that has a kind of slow start with her stats, never really exceeding in any one thing until around level 50.

Once she gets going though, she becomes one of the best defenders in the game.

Irga Ronso Blitzball Stats Close-up / FFX HD

A high-level Irga boasts fantastic Endurance (EN), Pass (PA), Attack (AT), and Block (BL) – which is everything a player needs to defend.

Of course, being a Ronso, her Speed (SP) will always be on the low side.

It’s best to think of Irga as a tank.

Keep her around to weather attacks and get the ball from the opposition, and over to her teammates to score.

She only needs to move as much as it takes to do that – which hopefully won’t be all that much.

Irga Ronso Luca Location (Fullscreen) / FFX HD

Is Irga Worth It?

Yes, but only if you’re going all the way.

Irga is expensive.

At 450 per game she’s one of the costliest players out there.

You’ll also need to wait until she’s free of her Ronso Fangs contract, which takes time. Also take into consideration that she’s naturally pretty slow, despite how good the rest of her stats are.

All this put together makes Irga a kind of niche choice.

For players who are just into blitz for Wakka’s goods, then Irga isn’t a good fit.

But for those who genuinely love the game and want to make a killer team, Irga is high on the list of quality defenders.

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