How To Get Jecht Shot in FFX

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The Jecht Shot can be learned from successfully completing a mini-game aboard the S.S. Winno. This is the ferry taken to travel from Kilika to Luca, and it’s first accessed after obtaining Ifrit from Kilika Temple.

This mini-game is first played during the story, which will progress whether or not you obtain Jecht Shot or not.

You will be able to give the mini-game another try later on, but obtaining Jecht Shot early will be a significant help in your early blitzball career.

If you fail the first mini-game and want to try the mini-game again, return to Kilika and take the ferry to Luca once more.


Learning Jecht Shot from the Mini-Game

Memories of Jecht During Mini-game / FFX
Memories of Jecht During Mini-game

As Tidus attempts the Jecht Shot, his memories of Jecht will start to pop up on the screen in the form of floating dialogue texts. You’ll need to shake these memories off to successfully pull off the Jecht Shot and gain access to it during blitzball games.

To do this, use your D-pad to point to the memory’s position on screen while simultaneously pressing your confirm button.

If a memory appears in the center of your screen, simply press your confirm button without hitting any directions on the D-pad.

Successfully shake off at least 11 memories to learn Jecht Shot.


What Does Jecht Shot Do?

Tidus Winding Up the Jecht Shot / FFX
Tidus Winding Up the Jecht Shot
Jecht Shot Tech
HP Cost 120
SH +5
Effect Knock away 2 defenders

The Jecht Shot is very valuable for its effect of knocking away up to 2 defending players.

To do this, shoot without breaking through the defenders and select Jecht Shot.

While this is a highly effective offensive ability, take note that it has a very long animation. If time runs out while Tidus is still performing the Jecht Shot, the score will not count even if the blitzball makes it into the goal.

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