Jumal Blitzball Free Agent Location + Stats (FFX)

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Jumal can be found hanging around the Square area in Luca.

He costs 200 gil per game and is a free agent, meaning he’ll always be available to recruit and doesn’t sign with other teams.

He’s available to sign as soon as you unlock blitzball at save points.


Who is Jumal?

A father and husband, Jumal hangs around Luca and plays the occasional game of blitzball should the opportunity arise.

Give him a chance on the Aurochs and you’ll find that he has a particularly good Catch (CA) stat for early levels (starts at 14), which makes him an ideal goalie.

What really makes Jumal shine though is that he comes with the Super Goalie ability, which is otherwise pretty tricky to get.

Super Goalie adds an additional amount of CA (between 1-10) at the cost of a few HP (depending on how much CA is added).

Jumal Blitzball Player Stats Close-up (FFX HD)

Between his high CA and Super Goalie, Jumal is a great addition to any fledging blitzball manager.

He’s easy to obtain, and while his price may be higher than most, Super Goalie provides that added value.

Jumal’s stats don’t maintain throughout from level 1-99, though.

And in the higher levels you’ll be hard pressed to find a reason to keep him around.

Jumal Luca Location Screenshot (FFX HD)

Is Jumal Worth It?

Depends on what you’re after.

If you’re just going for Wakka’s Reels and Celestial Weapon materials, then yes.

If you’re out to make an all-star, high-level Blitz team then no.

Jumal’s good CA and Super Goalie, in addition to his ease of access, make him a good choice for somebody who wants a quick and dirty way to earn prizes.

But there are much better choices out there.

In short, Jumal isn’t bad.

But with folks like Nimrook and Wedge around, you’ll have to really think about whether he’s right for your team or not.

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