How To Recruit Kyou in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Kyou can be found standing on the bridge just outside the Djose Temple.

He’s a free agent blitzball player who can be recruited at any time after Operation Mi’ihen.

He costs 300 gil per game to sign.


Who is Kyou?

As a survivor of the ill-fated Operation Mi’ihen, Kyou is a crusader who has apparently decided to battle his PTSD through blitzball.

Take him up on his offer and you’ll recruit a decent player.

His stats are all fairly good and well-balanced, so he offers plenty of value to the Aurochs.

Kyou blitzball stats screenshot / FFX HD

Early on, Kyou’s Attack (AT) and Catch (CA) are abnormally high, which makes him a good jack-of-all-trades.

His Pass (PA) and Block (BL) skyrocket as he grows in levels, making him even more versatile as he approaches the upper echelon.

Kyou makes a great defender – but has the chops to really be put just about anywhere on the team.

He’s a fairly decent player that really can fit into any team build. Easy to obtain, and he even has an interesting backstory!

Kyou blitzball player location fullscreen / FFX HD

Is Kyou Worth It?


He’s a good grab, especially at the point in the story when you can sign him.

Easy to get, easy to find, and totally affordable.

Plus he’s good at what he does and can be slotted into just about any position on your team.

Just… be nice to him, okay? He’s been through a lot.

Love you, Kyou!

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