FFX: Lakkam’s Location & Blitzball Contract Details

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Lakkam is a member of the Al Bhed Psyches that can be found on the Airship – specifically she’s exercising in the hallway outside the room where her team hangs out.

She can be recruited once her contract with the Psyches lapses. And she’ll cost you 20 gil per game to sign.

In general, Lakkam is a very average player – but in the best possible way.

Her stats are good, but not great.

She’s in no way bad though, which makes her a good addition to your team. On her home team she usually plays a defender. And that’s a good position for her on the Aurochs, too.

Her Shoot (SH) and Catch (CA) stats are super low, so she’s best used for quickly getting the ball around the field & passing to other players who can make the goals.

Lakkam Blitzball Stats Info in FFX HD (Screenshot)

And she has another huge benefit too:

Lakkam is super cheap and a great value for your money.

At 20 gil per game, she won’t break anybody’s bank.

The only downside is that you’ll have to wait until you get access to the airship to sign her, as well as waiting for her contract with the Psyches to expire.

That’s a lot of time you might spend signing other players.

Still, for what she offers, Lakkam is a good blitzer and certainly worth her fee at least.

Lakkam Full Location on Airship in FFX HD (Screenshot)

Is Lakkam Worth Getting?

Considering her value-for-gil, yes.

But the unfortunate truth is that it takes a lot of time until she’s available, both in-game progression and blitzball matches.

By the time you have both access to the airship and by the time her Psyches contract expires, you’ll have probably found a better defender – such as Ropp on the Mi’ihen Highroad or Kyou near the Djose Temple.

Still, if you’ve waited until endgame to start your blitzball journey and are looking for a cheap, good, entry-level player – and she’s available – then you could do much worse.

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