How To Get Linna in FFX (Location + Blitzball Info)

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Linna is an Al Bhed woman who can be recruited into your blitzball team. She’s found sitting on the steps right before the frozen road area leading to Macalania Temple.

Her price is 900 gil per game, and she’s one of the pricier players out there.

Note: If you don’t recruit her before getting the Airship, she’ll move her location to the temple itself – and then you’ll have to defeat the superboss Dark Shiva in order to get to her.

While not a professional blitzer, Linna will gladly join your team and play.

She’s not cheap – but for the cost you get a player with remarkably high AT, PA, SH, and BL stats.

Linna Blitzball Stats Window / FFX HD Screenshot

At higher levels, she becomes one of the best passers in the game. And she can get the ball across the field like there’s nothing there to stop her.

Combine her awesome passing and shooting with stuff like her innate Nap Pass 3 and Volley Shot techniques, and you’ve got a pretty strong center.

Her only downside is that her endurance (EN) is low, making her essentially a glass cannon – it’s easy to take her out if she gets into the thick of it.

But if you play it smart, Linna can be one of the shining stars on your team and lead you to countless victories.

Linna Macalania Temple Location Fullscreen / FFX HD Screenshot

Is Linna Worth It?

Yes – but with a few stipulations.

She’s expensive, but her stats justify it.

Even considering her low endurance, she’s a solid player to have around. If you’re not into her risk/reward style then maybe go for Vuroja in Kilika instead.

However, Linna is a better overall choice stat-wise if you’re willing to accept her low endurance.

Another hiccup that you might have with Linna is actually signing her.

You might not have enough gil to sign her for too many games when you first encounter her as you head towards Macalania Temple. And coming back for her later in the game involves defeating Dark Shiva, which can be a tricky task.

All that said, if you’ve got the gil and the guts, Linna can be a great fit for the Besaid Aurochs.

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