How Do You Farm Lunar Curtains? (FFX)

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The best way to farm Lunar Curtains is to capture a Larva fiend from the Thunder Plains (the big floating mask-looking thing). And then you can battle it at the Monster Arena to continuously steal Lunar Curtains.

It has Curtains as both common and rare steals.

Yes, it’s slow going. But it’s that way with all the Lunar Curtain farming methods.

The second-best way is a little more complicated:

You’d unlock Tanket at the Monster Arena, then customize a weapon with Master Thief on it so you can always get its rare steal, which are x4 Lunar Curtains. Again, it’s slow-going.

If you like this method then Tanket is unlocked after capturing x3 copies of every helm-type enemy, all listed below:

  • Bunyip (on the Djose Highroad)
  • Halma (in the Omega Ruins)
  • Mafdet (on Lake Macalania)
  • Murussu (in the Macalania Woods)
  • Raldo (on the Mi’ihen Highroad)
  • Shred (on the Calm Lands)

You also get a one-time reward of x99 Lunar Curtains by unlocking Abaddon at the Monster Arena. Abaddon is unlocked after capturing one of every monster in the final dungeon. They are as follows:

  • Exoray
  • Wraith
  • Gemini A
  • Gemini B
  • Demonolith
  • Great Malboro
  • Barbatos
  • Adamantoise
  • Behemoth King
Abaddon unlock in the Monster Arena / FFX HD

What Are Lunar Curtains Used For?

As the other Curtain item in FFX (opposite Light Curtains), Lunar Curtains focus on protection against magic.

With the “Use” command, a Lunar Curtain will cast Shell on a party member. These curtains can also be used to customize magic-defense abilities onto weapons & armor, like Auto-Shell and SOS Shell.

Aeons can use Lunar Curtains to learn Shell.

  • Auto-Shell requires 80 Lunar Curtains to customize
  • SOS Shell requires 8 Lunar Curtains to customize
  • Shell (Aeons) requires 4 Lunar Curtains

Rikku can even mix things up with Lunar Curtains, too. These are a few of her mixes that stand out:

Mega Null-All (Musk + Lunar Curtain): Applies NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide and NulFrost to the party.

Final Phoenix (Mega Phoenix + Lunar Curtain): Revives all KO’d party members to full HP.

Hyper Vitality (Stamina Tonic + Lunar Curtain): Doubles the party’s max HP and casts Cheer on everybody. Yay.

Stealing from Larva Fiend in Monster Arena / FFX HD

Are Lunar Curtains Worth Farming?


Auto-Shell, while sounding useful, isn’t really that helpful in the long run. And its slot on armor is much better off being used by stuff like Auto-Haste or Ribbon.

Lunar Curtains are slow to farm, too. And you need a lot of them for anything useful, so ultimately just say nah and walk away.

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