How To Obtain the Magus Sisters in FFX (Unlock + Abilities)

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The Magus Sisters can be found at Remiem Temple in the Calm Lands. To enter their Chamber of the Fayth and recruit them to your party, you will need to obtain the Blossom Crown and the Flower Scepter.

You can find Remiem Temple by renting a chocobo in the Calm Lands and interacting with the chocobo feather near the exit that takes you to Macalania Wods.

As for the Magus Sisters, this Aeon is unique in that Yuna will summon three entities at once – Cindy, Mindy, and Sandy. Because of this, the Magus Sisters are considered to be the most powerful Aeon in the game.


Where To Get the Blossom Crown & Flower Scepter

Remiem Temple's Entrance / FFX
Remiem Temple’s Entrance

When you enter Remiem Temple, you’ll find Belgemine and the Chamber of the Fayth inside.

You can duel against Belgemine’s Aeons like the previous encounters with her while the fayth will be sealed.

You’ll need both the Blossom Crown and the Flower Scepter to gain access to the fayth that contains the Magus Sisters.


#1: The Blossom Crown

Obtaining the Blossom Crown / FFX
Obtaining the Blossom Crown

The Blossom Crown is obtained as a reward for capturing at least one of each type of fiend in Mt. Gagazet.

Here’s a list of the enemies you can capture there to help you keep track:

  • Bandersnatch
  • Ahriman
  • Dark Flan
  • Grenade
  • Grat
  • Grendel
  • Bashura
  • Mandragora
  • Behemoth
  • Splasher
  • Achelous
  • Maelspike

Enemies you may encounter in Mt. Gagazet that aren’t listed here either cannot be captured, or are counted towards another area.

Once you’ve captured all of these fiends, head back to the Monster Arena and speak with the NPC there. He will reward you with the Blossom Crown.


#2: The Flower Scepter

Obtaining the Flower Scepter / FFX
Obtaining the Flower Scepter

You don’t have to look far from Remiem Temple to find the Flower Scepter.

The Flower Scepter is won from Belgemine after defeating her Bahamut in a duel.

At the temple, you will duel Belgemine’s Aeons one by one starting with Valefor.

Though these fights aren’t difficult, you can choose to stop and save or do other content between each duel.


Commanding the Magus Sisters

The Magus Sisters in Battle / FFX
The Magus Sisters in Battle

The Magus Sisters behave similarly to Yojimbo in that you won’t have full control of them in battle. Instead, Yuna can give them general commands that may result in different actions.

These are the different commands that may show up while the Magus Sisters are present on the battlefield, and what actions the siblings may take:

Command Sandy Cindy Mindy
Do as you will Cast reflect on Cindy, Attack, or use Razzia Cast Auto-Life, Full-Life, Life, Flare, tier-3 elemental spells, or Attack Cast or double cast Black Magic, Attack, or use Passado
One More Time Chance to repeat action used on previous turn
Fight! Chance for each sister to use a special or basic attack
Go, go! Use Pray, Black Magic, or Camisade
Help each other! Heal her sisters with White Magic or use Camisade
Defense! Cast Haste, Protect, Shell, NulAll, restorative White Magic, attack, or use Razzia
Are you alright? Use Lancet, Drain, or Osmose
Combine powers! Use Delta Attack. Only available when all of the sisters’ Overdrive gauges are full
Dismiss Dismiss the Magus Sisters from battle

Keep in mind that no matter what command you give, each sister has a chance to “Take a break” and do nothing for their turn.


Special Abilities

Mindy Using Passado / FFX
Mindy Using Passado

The Magus Sisters have a wide variety of skills between the three of them, many of which will be familiar to you.

Most of these skills are the same ones party members can learn from the Sphere Grid.

The Magus Sisters cannot be taught new skills like most other Aeons. However, the Magus Sisters do have some abilities that are unique to themselves. Let’s take a look at what these are and what they do:

Magus Sister Ability Name Effect
Cindy Camisade Powerful single-target physical attack
Sandy Razzia Powerful single-target physical attack
Mindy Passado Repeatedly attack one target 15 times
All Delta Attack All 3 sisters team up to unleash their Overdrive
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