How To Farm Mana Spheres in FFX

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The most efficient way to farm Mana Spheres is by using a Mana Distiller on Kottos at the Monster Arena. A distilled Kottos will drop around 40 Mana Spheres once you beat him.

Lots of other fiends around Spira also drop Mana Spheres, but there’s no better or more time-efficient way to farm than the Kottos method.

Kottos is unlocked by capturing one of every fiend on the Mi’ihen Highroad. There are eight in total:

  • Mi’ihen Fang
  • Ipiria
  • Floating Eye
  • White Element
  • Raldo
  • Vouivre
  • Bomb
  • Dual Horn

And Mana Distillers can be purchased from most shops in Spira, with the easiest location being the Monster Arena.


What Are Mana Spheres Used For?

Mana Spheres are used primarily to activate MP, Magic, and Magic Defense nodes on the Sphere Grid.

They can also be used to customize Magic +3% on a weapon, or Magic Defense +3% on a piece of armor.

Your Aeons can also use Mana Spheres to learn Focus.

Magic +3% requires 3 Mana Spheres to customize.

Magic Defense +3% also requires 3 Mana Spheres to customize.

Focus requires feeding an Aeon 10 Mana Spheres.

Rikku can also use Mana Spheres in her Mix overdrive ability to create a lot of strong results. Here are a few of the stand-outs:

Megalixir (Al Bhed Potion + Mana Sphere): Fully restores the party’s HP and MP.

Hyper Vitality (Stamina Potion + Mana Sphere): Doubles the party’s maximum HP and casts Cheer.

Mega Null-All (Star Curtain + Mana Sphere): Applies NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide and NulFrost to the party.

Battling Kottos in the Monster Arena (FFX HD)

Is It Worth Farming Mana Spheres?


The stats that Mana Spheres activate on the Sphere Grid are vital, both through normal progression and in the endgame content.

Magic Defense alone is vitally important, never mind actual Magic points.

The customizable abilities are just the cherry on the Mana Sphere cake.

These spheres are also really easy to farm using the Kottos method, so there’s no real downside to filling up.

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