Where To Farm Megalixirs in Final Fantasy X

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The only way to farm Megalixirs in FFX is by bribing either of the Varuna or Xiphos enemies.

Varuna gets you x20 Megalixirs for 1,400,000 gil, and Xiphos gives you x1 Megalixir for 67,000 gil.

These enemies are the only way you can farm this item in FFX.

Varuna can be found in the Omega Ruins, while Xiphos can be found in the Macalania Woods.

Here’s a quick table for megalixir bribes:

Fiend Bribe Amount Turbo Ethers
Varuna 1,400,000 gil x20
Xiphos 67,000 gil x1

Also, by unlocking Shinryu at the Monster Arena you’ll earn a one-time reward of x30 Megalixirs. You can do this by capturing two of each underwater fiend in the Mt. Gagazet caves. They are as follows:

  • Splasher
  • Achelous
  • Maelspike
Varuna fiend in Monster Arena (Fullscreen) / FFX HD

What Are Megalixirs & Why Are They So Rare?

As one of Final Fantasy’s most traditional items, Megalixirs are renowned for their restorative properties.

A Megalixir will restore the entire party to full HP and MP, including characters both in and out of battle.

These healing items can be an actual life-saver, whether you’re having a tough time in a fight, or need to top off a desperate party from the menu before a fight.

If you want to customize then you can also use Megalixirs to customize Double AP onto a weapon. I don’t recommend it (Triple AP is more worthwhile) but hey, it’s your life.

Double AP requires 20 Megalixirs to customize.

Megalixirs are so good that they don’t even have a lot of uses with Rikku’s Mix overdrive – I mean, how can you improve on a full heal? But there are a few mixes that do stand out:

Final Elixir (Blessed Gem + Megalixir): Fully restores the party’s HP and MP, as well as revives KO’d party members and cleanses negative status effects.

Super Elixir (Antidote + Megalixir): Restores the party to full HP and MP, as well as cures all bad status effects.

Eccentric (Mana Tablet + Megalixir): The party’s Overdrive meters fill twice as fast.

Xyphos fiend in Macalania Woods / FFX HD

Are Megalixirs Really Worth It?

Yes… and no.

Yes because they’re super handy! As previously stated, these bad boys can get you out of the toughest spots and keep that pilgrimage going.

They also mix well and are just comforting to have around.

But also no, because they’re really expensive to farm.

You’ll get about twenty or so throughout the game in chests and from bosses. But if you want more then you’re going to have to pay out the nose.

Honestly, it’s best to just earn the thirty from unlocking Shinryu and try to ration them – you probably won’t need more than that anyways.

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