FFX: Mep Blitzball Free Agent Location + Stats

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Mep can be found in Kilika Temple and he’s available for recruitment after unlocking Blitzball at save points.

He is a free agent, meaning he’s always available, and costs 150 gil per game.


Who is Mep?

Aside from having an unusual name that’s incredibly fun to say, Mep is also decent at most blitzball positions.

He’s a priest at Kilika’s Temple, where he hangs around waiting for his next chance to blitz.

Mep’s level one stats are high in Block (BL) and Endurance (EN), making him a solid defender.

His stats don’t particularly grow too fast – but he has enough good stats to become a decent defense for the Aurochs in his early levels.

Mep Blitzball Stats Screenshot / FFX HD

One of Mep’s downfalls is his horrendous Catch (CA) stat, meaning he’ll never be a good Goalie.

Another mark against Mep is that his fantastic early-level Block stat never really gets any better.

A 19 Block is wonderful in the early levels… but it hits a hard cap at 24 when you get Mep up to level 50.

As you approach high levels with him, his Block actually starts to degrade, leaving you with a high-level blitzer with lower-level stats.

Mep Blitzball Location Full-view / FFX HD

Is Mep Worth It?


His stats, and their eventual degradation, are a fatal flaw.

Mep is fine if you’re just starting Blitz or just messing around.

But players who are in it seriously, consider signing someone else.

Whether you’re playing to get Wakka’s stuff, or maybe you’re blitzing just for the love of the game, but either way you’re much better off going to find either Nadia or Judda, who are both much better defenders that will last until 99.

Honestly, any player is probably better than Mep.

At least his name is still fun to say!


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