How To Get Miyu in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Miyu is a crusader who hangs around the South Shore of the Moonflow. She can be recruited onto your blitzball team for 200 gil per game.

She can be found fairly early in the game, and recruited onto your team for cheap.

As a player she has great AT and EN, making her a really great defender. And she even has a decent CA stat for goalkeeping.

Another perk with Miyu is how many techniques she starts with – just about fifteen of them.

Miyu Blitzball Contract Info in FFX HD (Screenshot)

More specifically, she has all the Anti- techniques to defend against stuff like Wither and Drain. She also has the shot and pass versions of Wither, Nap, and Venom, making her a real all-rounder that can dish out status effects.

Combine those techniques with her high AT and she can take other players out at a much higher rate.

This is the true power of a Crusader!

Miyu Full Location in FFX HD (Screenshot)

Is Miyu Worth Getting?


You can find her early in the game, she’s cheap to sign, and she comes with a ton of techniques – plus great stats to back them up.

Miyu is a great defender, and can even be made into a halfway decent goalie if needed.

But Miyu’s real strength is being able to inflict statuses onto opponents quite easily. This way she can clear the way for your other players to roll through and score enough points to keep you winning games.

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