FFX MP Stroll: What It Is & How To Get It

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MP Stroll is an auto-ability that can be customized onto armor in FFX. Any character with MP Stroll on their armor will regain MP as Tidus walks around in the overworld, at a rate of about +8 MP every step.

You’ll need x2 Mana Tablets to customize this ability.

Also, Qactuars on the Thunder Plains have a chance to drop equipment with MP Stroll already on it – but we’ll cover more on this later in the guide.


How Do You Get Mana Tablets?

Unlocking the Species Conquest fiend Ironclad at the Monster Arena rewards you with 60 Mana Tablets, which is probably more than you’ll ever need.

Especially since you only need 2 Mana Tablets per MP Stroll customization.

And with FFX having 7 total party members, you’ll only need 14 of these Tablets to give everyone the armor ability for some MP regeneration.

Ironclad is unlocked after capturing 10 Iron Giants and 10 of both types of Gemini fiends (Gemini A + B).

Iron Giants can be found on the Thunder Plains, while Gemini can be found in the Final Dungeon (both Gemini enemies usually spawn together in the same battle).

But Ironclad is a one-time unlock.

So if you want even more then the easiest way to farm Mana Tablets is to bribe a Chimera fiend with 105,000 Gil for ten tablets.

This is likely the most efficient farming method out of anything, since you only need two tablets per MP Stroll.

Chimeras can be found in the Macalania Woods.

Battling Qactuars in Thunder Plains / FFX HD

How To Get MP Stroll Early

With some perseverance, you can get MP Stroll as early as the Thunder Plains.

Scattered across the Plains are mysterious Qactuar Stones.

When you pray to them using the square button, they’ll add Qactuars to random battles.

These Cactuar cousins have a chance to drop armor with MP Stroll already on it.

The odds of encountering a Qactuar is kind of low, and getting a drop is equally as uncommon. But it shouldn’t take more than an hour or two of grinding – and the payoff is pretty amazing.

MP recovery for just walking around!

Battling Ironclad unlocked in Monster Arena / FFX HD

So… is MP Stroll Worth It?

Totally depends on when you get it.

Late game? No, not really. The further you get into FFX, the more MP becomes a non-issue.

But in the early-to-mid stages of Yuna’s pilgrimage, MP management can be a real issue.

If you take the time to farm Qactuars and get yourself a (few) MP Stroll armors then you’ll be walking on Easy Street.

In summation, MP Stroll loses its importance as you progress in the game. But getting it early is super helpful.

But don’t bother if you’re already nearing endgame, since that’s when you’ll want better abilities taking up armor slots.

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