How To Get Musk in FFX (Farming + Bribes)

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Stealing from Ahrimans on Mt. Gagazet is the best way to farm Musk, as you get 2-3 per swipe. You’ll get x2 Musk as a common steal and x3 Musk as a rare steal.

These fiends are also located along the Zanarkand Ruins and Inside Sin, but farming on Mt. Gagazet is easier unless you need something else from those other areas.

Another farming option is stealing from Sandragoras in the Bikanel Desert. These have x10 Musks as a rare steal.

However, these fiends only appear once as visible on-screen enemies, so if you kill them in battle, they never respawn.

The strategy for farming Sandragoras is to steal until you get Musks, Flee, and repeat. But if you’ve already beaten all of them in Bikanel then this method won’t be available.

Sandragora Battle in Bikanel Desert / Final Fantasy X HD

Musk Locations (All Farming Methods)

Musks can be stolen from most of the “Evil Eye” family of fiends in FFX. This includes Ahrimans, Buers, Evil Eyes, Floating Deaths, and Floating Eyes.

The desert-dwelling Sandragoras also have Musk as a steal – however these can only be fought once, so you have to steal from them, flee, and repeat to actually farm them (once they die in battle they don’t come back).

But out of all those fiends, the Ahriman are the best choice for farming, due to their abundance.

Sandragoras are a second good farming option, however you need to plan ahead and make sure to keep them alive.

Ahrimans can be found on Mt. Gagazet, around Zanarkand, and inside Sin

Buers are all over the Thunder Plains

Evil Eyes are found on Lake Macalania

Floating Eyes are in the Mushroom Rock area/Mi’ihen Highroad

Floating Deaths live in the Omega Ruins

Sandragoras in the Bikanel Desert have 10 Musks as a rare steal, but these can only be fought once. So if you haven’t defeated them yet, then you can steal their Musks (using Master Thief helps a ton). You can Steal & Flee here to farm Musk indefinitely.

Sandragora Sand Pit in Bikanel Desert / Final Fantasy X HD

Bribing For Musk

If you have gil to spare for bribing then here are your best options:

Enemy Bribe Reward
Evil Eyes 6,200 gil x3 Musks
Buers 4,600 gil x2 Musks
Floating Eyes 2,800 gil x1 Musk

Musk Uses in FFX

Musk is used to combat the confusion status effect.

It can customize both Confuse Ward and Confuse Proof onto armor.

Confuse Ward prevents confusion half the time, and Confuse Proof prevents it 100% of the time, which makes anyone wearing that armor fully immune to Confusion.

Confusion can be a simple death sentence in battle, especially against Malboros.

Whereas other status effects either deal damage or slowly KO a party member, Confusion can actively make a character destroy the rest of the party. So Confuse Proof is a fantastic auto-ability worth customizing.

Rikku can also Mix Musk for some amazing results.

Ultra-Null-All (Healing Spring): Applies Cheer, Focus, Aim, Reflex, NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide and NulFrost to the party.

Megalixir (Antidote): Restores all HP and MP to the party.

Panacea (Potion): Cures all negative status ailments on a single party member.

Fullscreen Ahriman Fiend Battle in Final Fantasy X HD

Is Musk Worth Farming?

Yes, but only for specific purposes.

Confusion isn’t an ailment you’ll come across too often.

There are a few bosses that can inflict it, but by and large you won’t see it too much.

The best use for Musk and its defense against Confusion is when you’re initially delving into the Omega Ruins and going through the Final Dungeon. Both places have Malboros and Great Malboros everywhere.

Their Bad Breath can inflict confusion and quickly end the adventure if your party isn’t prepared.

But the best use for Musk is in Rikku’s mix, where you can make quick and easy powerful healing items. Perfect for getting out of a tight spot.

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