FFX Nab Gil: How It Works & Is It Worth Using?

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Nab Gil is a skill in FFX that allows a character to steal gil from an enemy while attacking them. The amount you get every time you use this skill is usually relatively small, so it’s not really worth using in battle. But Nab Gil will also deal damage, so it’s not solely an ability that steals Gil from enemies.

The difference between Nab Gil and Pilfer Gil is that Nab Gil is a skill, so it also deals damage. While Pilfer is simply a stealing ability that doesn’t deal any damage.

This is similar to the difference between Steal and Mug, where Steal (like Pilfer) only takes something from an enemy. But Mug (similar to Nab Gil) will steal + deal damage.

Nab Gil
Command Skill
Effect Steal gil and deal damage
Cost 30 MP
Target Single Enemy
Sphere Grid Section Lulu
Sphere Needed Ability Sphere

How Does Nab Gil Work?

Nab Gil in the Skill Menu / Final Fantasy X
Nab Gil in the Skill Menu

Nab Gil works very similarly to another skill in the game called Mug.

The character using it will perform their basic attack on an enemy, while a notification will pop up on the screen, indicating the amount of gil stolen.

The amount of gil you obtain will depend on your target. You normally get a small amount, but human enemies and bosses tend to give you a bit more.

As mentioned above, the damage that comes with Nab Gil is a basic physical attack. It is affected by the Strength stat, auto-abilities, and special effects from fully upgraded Celestial Weapons.


Unlocking Nab Gil

Nab Gil on the Sphere Grid / Final Fantasy X
Nab Gil on the Sphere Grid

As another ability that’s associated with thievery, you’d guess that Nab Gil would be found in Rikku’s section of the Sphere Grid. But on the regular sphere grid, Nab Gil actually learned by going through Lulu’s path.

Getting to this skill requires at least two Level 3 Key Spheres. Once you’re close enough to its node, you can activate it with an Ability Sphere.

Note: If you’ve chosen the Expert Grid in the HD Remaster version of the game, then Nab Gil will be found in Rikku’s section.

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