FFX: Naida Blitzball Location + Stats

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Naida is the shopkeeper at the shop in the middle of the Calm Lands, right where you teleport in from the airship.

She’s a free agent and pretty much always available for the price of 340 gil per game.

She’s available for recruitment as soon as arrive at the Calm Lands.


Who is Naida?

A loyal employee and part-time blitzer, Naida is one of the few Al Bhed blitzers who aren’t already signed onto another team.

So she’s always available to take a leave of absence to play a few seasons with the Aurochs.

Naida has a pretty swell set of stats too. Nothing really to complain about with her strong Pass (PA) and Block (BL).

Naida Blitzball Stats Screenshot / FFX HD

What sets her apart, really, is her Speed (SP), which is much higher than your normal blitzball player.

This creates a woman who can really hold her own as either a forward or a midfielder.

It does take a while to get to Naida, as you’ll have to make your way through the story to the Calm Lands. But she won’t let you down.

Your recruitment of her may cost her a job, though.

But don’t sweat it.

Naida location full-screen in Calm Lands / FFX HD

Is Naida Worth It?


She’s a good get if you’re playing blitzball while doing the story (as opposed to tackling it after getting the airship). Snap her up when you get her, and she’ll be a boon to the team for some time.

She’s easy to get, easy to find, a little expensive, but worth the coin and won’t let you down.

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