Nav Guado Location & Blitzball Details For FFX

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Nav Guado is a blitzball player that can be found running around Guadosalam. He’s easiest to find around the entrance to Seymour’s place.

His contract price is 100 gil per game, and he can only be recruited once his contract with the Guado Glories expires.

But he can technically be recruited as soon as you arrive at Guadosalam.


Who is Nav Guado?

Nav is a resident of Guadosalam, as well as a member of their blitzball team, the Guado Glories.

Nav Guado Stats Screenshot Close-up (FFX HD)

He has great numbers in SP (Speed), BL (Block), and PA (Pass), all of which are key attributes to defending.

His other stats are unfortunately low, and stay that way.

But when it comes to being able to defend and get the ball where it needs to be, Nav is going to be good for it.

He really shines at higher levels though, and plays best in the middle of the field, controlling where the ball is going and who does (and doesn’t) pass it down the center.

Pairing Nav with other strong defenders, such as Ropp or Kulukan, creates an iron wall that any opposing team will have a lot of trouble getting through.

Nav Guado Location in Guadosalam (FFX HD)

Is Nav Guado Worth It?


It can be kind of a finicky pain to catch him when he’s not signed to his home team.

But when you do, you’ll get a strong player that only gets better as you play him.

At level 75 and above, Nav has one of the best Block stats in the game – easily in the top five.

So whether you’re looking to become a blitzball champion, or are just in it for the prizes, Nav will help you achieve your dreams.

And he’s super affordable to boot!

Certainly the best way to navigate your way to victory.

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