How To Get Nedus in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Nedus can be found hanging around the number one dock in Luca, where he can be recruited for 60 gil per game.

He’s also a free agent Blitzball player, and by default he won’t be signed to any team.

So you can get him onto the Besaid Aurochs as soon as you’re able to play Blitzball from save points.


Who is Nedus?

This mask-wearing Al Bhed is a free-roaming blitzball player.

When you look at his stats, you’ll see right away that his Endurance (ED) and Shoot (SH) are uncommonly high.

So his best fit in your team would probably be as a forward.

Nedus starts with both Sphere Shot and Wither Shot, both of which are special shots that pair nicely with his naturally high SH stat.

Nedus blitzball stats screenshot / FFX HD

He also comes with both Nap Shot and Nap Shot 2, which have a chance to put the opponent’s goalie to sleep (at 30% and 70% chances, respectively).

Remember: a snoozing goalie can’t block shots.

Another fun fact about Nedus is that his Speed (SP) stat skyrockets past level 60.

He’s one of the very few blitzers that can achieve a 99 Speed.

But a not-so-fun fact is that before level 60, Nedus’ SP isn’t that hot.

It only just gets to ~45 or so by the time he’s reached level 50, which is substantially lower than most non-Ronso players (and Ronso are really slow).

Stick with him, though, and you’ll have a real lightning bolt on your team.

Nedus fullscreen location / FFX HD

Is Nedus Worth It?

He’s easy to find, cheap to sign, and makes for a decent forward.

His biggest flaw is how slow he is.

Yes, he becomes one of the fastest players in the game eventually – but for a large portion of his leveling, he’s going to putter around.

If you can accept this and are willing to put in the time, then Nedus is for you.

If not, I’m sure he’ll completely understand if you go and choose any of the other fine prospects for a forward that are kicking around Spira.

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