FFX: Nimrook’s Location & Blitzball Contract Details

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Nimrook can be found in the airship’s lower corridor, where the Al Bhed Psyches hang out (there’s also an Al Bhed Compilation sphere).

Nimrook can be recruited for 100 gil per game, provided he’s not already contracted with the Psyches.

When you first unlock blitzball in Luca, Nimrook will be the goalie for the Al Bhed Psyches. And he’s easily the best goalie in Spira.

His CA (catch) rating is always super high, no matter what level he is.

Actually he’s so good at being a goalie that he doesn’t even know any abilities or techniques – all he knows is the goal (and how to protect it).

Getting Nimrook is key to succeeding in blitzball in FFX.

Nimrook Blitzball Player Info Stats (FFX HD)

He’s a real “set it and forget it” member of your team. And once you have Nimrook as your goalie, you’ll have him for life.

His per-game fee is super cheap, too!

The only issue with Nimrook is that he can be a pain to actually get on your team.

His contract with the Al Bhed Psyches is often pretty long, and it can be a pain to catch him right when it ends (and sometimes he re-ups before you have the chance to recruit him).

Nimrook Full Close-up Location Screenshot on Airship (FFX HD)

Is Nimrook Worth The Effort?

Absolutely, yes.

If you’re serious about blitzball, either just to max out a team or to get all of Wakka’s endgame goodies, then Nimrook is just about required.

There are other options for goalies who are almost as good as him. But none stand as an equal.

Yes, it can be a bit of a pain to recruit him due to his loyalty to the Psyches. And you’ll have to wait until you have the airship too (which is later in the game).

But Nimrook is worth the price of admission and then some.

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