Where To Get Nizarut in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Nizarut can be found in Kilika Temple’s Great Hall.

He’s available to recruit as soon as you can blitz from save points, and he costs 150 gil per game.

Be default he’s already a member of the Kilika Beasts, so you’ll have to wait until his contract with them lapses before you can take him for the Aurochs.


Who is Nizarut?

Nizarut is an interesting person.

When it comes to his abilities as a blitzball player, he has one of the slowest growths in the game.

His base stats suggest that you make him a goalie – that’s what he does on his home team, after all.

But those numbers are so low initially that you’ll wonder if you should use him at all.

Nizarut Blitzball Stats Screen / FFX HD

If you give Nizarut the time to grow, you’ll get one of the best goalies in the game.

But “time to grow” means exceeding level 50, which can be an unfortunately high number for players who are only into blitzing for the Wakka-specific goodies.

And Nizarut doesn’t start with any techniques either.

Maybe he should have spent more time in the blitz and less time in the Temple.

Nizarut Location in Kilika Temple (Fullscreen) FFX HD

Is Nizarut Worth Getting?

No… no, not really.

It’s unfortunate, but the terms ‘slow start’ and ‘blitzball goalie’ aren’t compatible.

Nizarut can become a particularly good goalie.

But it takes quite a while to get him there, so you’ll be playing through a lot of tournaments trying to rack up EXP.

And in the meantime you’d be stuck with a lame duck guarding your goal.

In a world where Wedge and Nimrook are available, two goalies that are great at their jobs right out of the gate, Nizarut is a pretty unappealing choice.

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