How To Get No Encounter Weapons in FFX

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You can obtain weapons with the No Encounter auto-ability by customizing an existing weapon with 30 Purifying Salts.

The Customization feature is unlocked when you arrive in Guadosalam for the first time. However, the Purifying Salts you’d need to add No Encounter to weapons will only be accessible later in the story.

But here’s one alternate method:

You can also farm Ghosts inside the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth, since they have a chance at dropping weapons with No Encounter pre-customized.


Where To Get Purifying Salts

There are only a few ways to get Purifying Salt in the game.

Here’s a quick look at everywhere you can obtain this item:

Enemy Method Location
Fallen Monk Steal (Rare) Zanarkand Ruins
Abaddon Steal (Common) Monster Arena
Fafnir Unlock Reward (Once) Monster Arena

Stealing from Fallen Monks

Fallen Monks in Zanarkand / FFX
Fallen Monks in Zanarkand

These enemies will be the first reliable source of Purifying Salts you’ll encounter in the game. They are also much easier to handle compared to Abaddon in the Monster Arena.

The drawback is that Purifying Salt is their rare steal item, meaning it’s less likely to be the item you obtain after a successful steal. However, having a piece of equipment with the Master Thief ability will guarantee that every item you steal will be a rare item.

Fallen Monks are a common encounter throughout the Zanarkand areas.


Stealing from Abaddon

Inside Sin / FFX
Inside Sin

This is an Area Creation enemy in the Monster Arena that’s unlocked after capturing at least one of every fiend inside Sin.

Purifying Salt is its common steal item, plus you get x3 of them after each successful Steal.

You can repeatedly face Abaddon by paying a small fee to the Monster Arena NPC, but it is a much more difficult opponent compared to Fallen Monks. Better to just stick to farming in Zanarkand if you find Abaddon too challenging.


Fafnir Unlock Reward

Fafnir in the Monster Arena / FFX
Fafnir in the Monster Arena

Fafnir is another enemy that is found exclusively in the Monster Arena. It’s unlocked by capturing four of each Drake-type fiend in Spira.

Once you’ve captured enough Drakes, the Monster Arena NPC will reward you with 99 Purifying Salts. This is just a one-time reward though, so you’ll have to go back to farming Abaddon or Fallen Monks if you need more.


How To Use No Encounters

Further Inside Sin / FFX
Further Inside Sin

To use No Encounters, just equip one of your characters with the weapon that has the ability. After that, you’ll be free to roam around Spira without any random encounters.

This is particularly helpful when exploring a few specific areas where you need to reach specific spots, or while doing certain side quests and mini-games. Some examples would include traversing the Omega Ruins and dodging lightning bolts in the Thunder Plains for the Venus Sigil.

Tip: If you’re playing the HD Remaster version of the game on PC, then you actually don’t need this auto-ability. You can just toggle the No Encounters setting by hitting F3 twice instead.

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