How To Get Noy Guado in FFX (Blitzball Location)

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Noy Guado lives at the Inn in Guadosalam, and he can be recruited onto your team for 50 gil per game.

He’s available to recruit as soon as you arrive in Guadosalam.

Initially, Noy is a member of the Guado Glories blitzball team. On his team he plays defense, but his stats make him more suited for goalkeeping.

He also comes standard with a bunch of goalie-oriented techs, such as Grip Gloves and Super Goalie.

Not to mention he’s also one of the cheapest players to recruit, coming on board at less than a hundred gil per game.

Unfortunately, you get what you pay for.

Noy Guado Blitzball Contract Info / FFX HD Screenshot

Noy Guado isn’t anything better than just okay as a goalkeeper – and pretty bad for everything else.

His low AT, PA, and BL make him feel like wet paper out on the field (makes you wonder why the Glories didn’t just keep him on the bench).

And his Goalie stats, CA and BL, aren’t anything special either.

Noy doesn’t even really make it to the middle of the road compared to all your options for free agents.

Noy Guado Full Location in Guadosalam / FFX HD Screenshot

Is Noy Guado Worth It?


He’s cheap, sure.

But for just 80 more Gil you can get Wedge in Luca, who’s available sooner and is much better in terms of stats and techs.

Noy Guado is, for lack of a better term, filler.

He’s here to add to the number of recruitable players in Spira and nothing more.

Let the Guado Glories have him, because he’s not really a great fit for any team truly looking to win tournaments and championships.

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