FFX: Nuvy Ronso Blitzball Guide (Location + Stats)

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Nuvy Ronso can be found on the Number 4 Dock in Luca’s harbor. As an original member of the Ronso Fangs, you’ll need to wait until her contract expires before you can sign her up to join the Aurochs.

When you do get a chance to recruit Nuvy she will join your team for 650 gil per game.


Nuvy Ronso’s Starting Techs, Stats, and Key Techniques

Nuvy Readying a Tackle / Final Fantasy X
Nuvy Readying a Tackle

Some blitzball players already have some techs learned when you sign them up for the Aurochs. These are some that Nuvy may already have when joining your team:

Tech Effect
Brawler Gives a 60% chance to engage in an encounter from further away
Venom Pass 30% chance to inflict Poison on players who block the pass, PA +3
Wither Pass 2 60% chance to halve EN, PA, or SH of blocking player, PA +5
Wither Tackle 40% chance to halve EN, PA, or SH of player holding the ball
Wither Tackle 2 70% chance to halve EN, PA, or SH of player holding the ball

Nuvy’s key techniques are Tackle Slip, Venom Tackle, and Volley Shot. Acquiring these abilities for her will allow Nuvy to learn even more techniques through Techcopy or League and Tournament prizes.

Of course, a blitzball player’s stats determine how well they can play.

Here’s a look at Nuvy Ronso’s stats at level 1:

Stat Value
HP 214
SP 40
EN 11
AT 12
PA 7
BL 4
SH 1
CA 1

Is Nuvy Worth Recruiting?

Nuvy's Contract With the Fangs Expiring / Final Fantasy X
Nuvy’s Contract With the Fangs Expiring

Nuvy Ronso is a solid choice for either of the defender positions.

While there are players that are better defenders than Nuvy, she is still a decent pick if any of the top-tier players are currently signed to other teams.

Like most other Ronso players, Nuvy’s biggest flaw is her low SPD. This can make it difficult for her to keep up with faster players on the opposing team, but equipping her with Brawler can help mitigate this.

Overall, Nuvy Ronso may not be the best blitzball defender in the game – but she is far from being the worst.

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