FFX Overdrive to AP: How To Get It & How It Works

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You can add Overdrive to AP onto a weapon through customization. To do this, you’ll need a weapon with at least 1 blank ability slot, and you’ll need 10 Doors to Tomorrow.

Overdrive to AP is an auto-ability that will convert any charges to your Overdrive gauge into extra AP earned. This works n matter what Overdrive method the character is using. So basically instead of gaining anything on your Overdrive, you’ll gain extra AP instead.

This ability comes in very handy when farming AP to power up your party.

Note: The Customize feature is unlocked after you arrive in Guadosalam for the first time. Adding abilities to equipment may result in a name change for that piece of gear.


Where To Get Doors to Tomorrow

Bribing a Mech Scouter / FFX
Bribing a Mech Scouter

There are a few different ways to get Doors to Tomorrow, and all of them are accessible in the latter half of the game.

Here’s a quick look at which enemies carry Doors to Tomorrow and how you can acquire them:

Enemy Acquisition Method Location
Bomb King Drop Monster Arena
Ultima Weapon Steal, Mug Omega Ruins (Boss Fight)
Mech Leader Bribe (92,500 gil for x2) Mt. Gagazet
Mech Scouter Bribe (68,750 gil for x1) Calm Lands

Farming the Bomb King is the most efficient way of stocking up on Doors to Tomorrow – if you can kill it fast enough.

If you’re having trouble defeating Bomb King, then your next best method is to Bribe Mech Scouters and Leaders. Mech Scouters can be Bribed with 68,750 gil for 1 Door to Tomorrow, while Mech Leaders will give you 2 Doors for 92,500 gil.

You can also get a one-time reward of 99 Doors to Tomorrow from the Monster Arena after you unlock six Area Special Creations. So this is another viable method, although it would likely take a while, and it’s a one-time only gift.


Overdrive to AP Tricks

The Don Tonberry / FFX
The Don Tonberry

There are a lot of creative tricks you can pull off with Overdrive to AP that’ll speed up your character progression grind in FFX.

A lot of them involve utilizing different Overdrive modes while Overdrive to AP is equipped.

One popular trick involves Don Tonberry in the Monster Arena:

It requires you to have a character set to Stoic, while the other two party members are set to Comrade.

The character set to Stoic will allow themselves to get hit with Don Tonberry’s counterattack. Meanwhile, the other two characters will heal or revive whoever is getting hit with this counter.

Once Don Tonberry gets close enough to the party to start attacking, use Flee. You’ll still get an insane amount of AP, assuming everyone has Overdrive to AP equipped.

Tip: Overdrive to AP is even more effective when paired up with other auto-abilities such as Triple AP and Triple Overdrive.

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