FFX: Pah Guado Blitzball Guide (Location + Stats)

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Pah Guado can be found in a house in Guadosalam.

She’s a blitzer for the Guado Glories by default, and she can be recruited only when her contract with them expires.

She costs 10 gil per game and can be recruited as soon as you arrive at Guadosalam.


Who is Pah Guado?

Pah is a Guado woman who plays defense on her home team, the Guado Glories.

If and when you recruit her into the Aurochs ranks, you’ll discover that her stats justify that role.

Pah Guado has a decent Attack (AT) and Pass (PA) with an okay Block (BL), but that’s about where her good stats end.

The rest of Pah Guado is just mediocre.

Pah Guado Blitzball Stats / FFX HD

Her HP is low, and her stats take a long time to become on-par with other top-tier players.

You’ll have to wait until she’s level 80 and higher until she can stand among powerful peers – which is unfortunate, because that takes quite a while.

And she’ll have trouble winning tournaments until then.

Fullscreen Pah Guado Location / FFX HD

Is Pah Worth It?

I would say… no.

She’s cheap, and her statistical skill as a defender is fine early on.

But keep her around and you’ll soon see that she’s not that great.

Even if you want to keep her around for your level 99 team, she probably won’t hold up compared to others.

Say hello to Pah when you’re passing through Guadosalam (she’s one of the only NPCs to say your name!) but leave her behind when you move on.

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