FFX Poison Fang Farming (Methods + Common Uses)

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The most efficient way to farm Poison Fangs is by bribing Nebiros fiends, found all over the Calm Lands. You get x6 Fangs for a bribe of 17,500 gil.

Or if you don’t want to spend the money, you can also steal x1 Fang from the same fiend.

You can also steal x4 Poison Fangs from Hornet at the Monster Arena.

Hornet is unlocked after capturing five copies of each Wasp-type fiend on Spira. There are four of them:

  • Bite Bug (Djose Highroad)
  • Killer Bee (Kilika Woods)
  • Nebiros (Calm Lands)
  • Wasp (Macalania Woods)

You also get a one-time gift of x99 Poison Fangs after unlocking Malboro Menace at the Monster Arena.

Malboro Menace is unlocked after capturing one of every fiend around Kilika. Thankfully there’s not too many:

  • Dinonix
  • Killer Bee
  • Yellow Element
  • Ragora
Nebiros Fiend in battle / FFX HD
Nebiros in the Calm Lands

Poison Fang Uses

When used in battle, a Poison Fang deals small damage to one enemy and inflicts poison (duh).

You can also use these items to customize Poisonstrike onto a weapon, and Poisonproof onto armor.

Poisonstrike adds poison to your physical attacks while Poisonproof completely protects against the poison status effect.

Aeons can even use these fangs to learn the Bio spell as well. Poison for everybody!

  • Poisonstrike requires x24 Poison Fangs to customize
  • Poisonproof requires x12 Poison Fangs to customize
  • Bio (Aeon) requires x8 Poison Fangs to customize

Rikku can also mix up Poison Fangs and other items with her Overdrive for some cool results, including:

Abaddon Wind (Fire Gem + Poison Fang): Deals large fire damage to all enemies and applies various status effects.

Mega Mana (Ether + Poison Fang): Doubles the party’s maximum MP for the duration of battle.

Megalixir (Antidote + Poison Fang): Fully restores HP and MP of the party. Also implies that non-poisoned fangs have incredible restorative properties.

Hornet fiend in Monster Arena / FFX HD
Hornet fiend

Are These Worth Farming?

It depends: does poison really bother you?

If it does, then yes, it is worth farming these. Poisonstrike on weapons is fun, but a lot of enemies can’t be poisoned, so it really comes down to whether or not Poisonproof is worth it for you.

Poison does do a lot of damage, especially early on.

So having a preventative piece of armor for that is nice.

And truthfully, having a few Poison Fangs sitting in your always helps. Especially since making a Megalixir with Rikku’s overdrive is pretty easy using a Poison Fang and an Antidote.

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