How To Farm Power Spheres in FFX (Location + Best Method)

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The best way to farm lots of Power Spheres is through Kottos at the Monster Arena.

Granted, there are a lot of monsters all over Spira that drop Power Spheres. So just by doing the story and fighting fiends regularly, you’ll probably never need to farm them.

But once you start filling out your Sphere Grid near the endgame you’re going to need lots of them.

If you use a Power Distiller on Kottos (which is an item you can buy at most shops after the events at Bevelle), and then defeat him afterwards, he’ll drop a whopping 40 Power Spheres.

This is by far the best method for acquiring these spheres, both in total quantity and in total amount of time it’ll take you to farm.

Kottos is unlocked at the monster arena after capturing one of each fiend from the Mi’ihen Highroad. Simple!


What Are Power Spheres Used For?

Power Spheres are primarily used to activate Defense, Attack, and HP nodes on the Sphere Grid.

They can also be used to customize Distill Power and Strength +3% onto a weapon, as well as Defense +3% onto a piece of armor.

Feeding Power Spheres to Yuna’s Aeons can even teach them Cheer (for x5 spheres) and Extract Power (for x20 spheres).

And along with all of that, Power Spheres can also be used in many of Rikku’s mixes, including:

Megalixir (Elixir + Power Sphere): Restores the party to full HP and MP.

Frag Grenade (Power Sphere + Mana Sphere): Inflicts Armor Break onto all enemies. Has a much higher chance of working than the Armor Break ability.

Mega NullAll (Star Curtain + Power Sphere): Casts NulBlaze, NulShock, NulTide and NulFrost onto the whole party.

Kottos full battle screenshot in FFX HD

Is it Worth Farming Power Spheres?


Not only are they instrumental to activating most of the Sphere Grid, but they’re pretty useful to have around anyway due to how well they work into many of Rikku’s mixes.

And after the initial hump of unlocking Kottos, farming is super simple – just two or three battles and you’re capped!

Power Spheres are going to be useful for the entire game. And you will be super glad that you have plenty to go around.

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