Where To Get Raudy in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Raudy can be found just standing around on the Number 3 Dock in Luca.

He can be recruited when you get access to blitzball for the first time, as long as he’s not currently signed with the Luca Goers.

Raudy is also insanely cheap, only costing 10 gil per game to sign him onto the Besaid Aurochs.


Who is Raudy?

Raudy is the goalie for the Luca Goers.

He understandably hangs around Luca, just biding his time until somebody asks him to play for them. And that could be you!

Unfortunately, Raudy isn’t too great at what he does.

Calling him “average” would be a compliment.

Raudy Blitzball Stats & Abilities Screen / FFX HD

Raudy suffers from low stats, with his Catch (CA) and Pass (PA) being lower than most (if not all) the other available goalies in the game.

Even his other stats aren’t that great, meaning he’s not too good for anything outside of guarding the goal.

Best thing about Raudy is that he’s cheap!

He might be the cheapest blitzer out there.

At only ten gil a game, you can get ninety-nine games out of him for less than the price of a phoenix down.

Raudy Location at Luca Docks (Screenshot) FFX HD

Is Raudy Worth It?


Raudy is just too blah.

Stats are everything in Blitzball.

And Raudy just doesn’t have them.

Even at higher levels, Raudy can’t really bring it.

If you’re looking for an early-game goalie, both Miyu (found on the Moonflow) and Jumal (also found in Luca) are much better choices. They both cost more, but as Raudy himself proves, you get what you pay for.

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