FFX Remedy Farming Guide (Buy, Bribe, or Steal)

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The most cost-efficient way to get Remedies is to simply buy them. Rin sells them once you get full control of the Airship, and he’ll be stocked with an unlimited amount.

However if you need some Remedies before that, then bribing Grats found on Mt. Gagazet will do the trick. For 100,000 gil you get x40 Remedies.

Or you can also steal x2 Remedies from Mandragoras, which is nice because these fiends appear in the same location.

Grats and Mandragoras are both located along the Mt. Gagazet paths.

But for other steal options you might consider a couple other fiends:

  • Ochu (Moonflow) offers x1 Remedy to steal
  • Malboro (Calm Lands) offer x1 Remedy to steal
  • Malboro Menace (Monster Arena) offers x4 Remedies to steal
  • Sandragora (Sanubia Desert) offers x2 Remedies to steal
Stealing a Remedy from Ochu / FFX HD
Stealing a Remedy from an Ochu in The Moonflow

Remedy Bribes

There’s quite a few enemies you can bribe for Remedies, but your best choice is likely Grats on Mt. Gagazet.

But there’s also some unique strategies you can try, like the Lord Ochu bribe trick. This works by walking around Lord Ochu in the early game to avoid the fight, then grinding up Gil until you have enough to bribe it for 80 Remedies.

With that said, here’s a full table with all your options for Remedy bribes:

Fiend Bribe Remedies Location
Grat 80,000 gil x40 Mt. Gagazet
Lord Ochu 92,980 gil x80 Kilika
Ochu 144,000 gil x70 Moonflow
Ragora 19,500 gil x8 Kilika
Sandragora 255,000 gil x99 Sanubia Desert

What Are Remedies Used For?

Using a Remedy will cure one party member of all status effects (except for Curse and Doom, for whatever reason).

This alone is especially useful and practical at any point in the game.

But Remedies can also be used to customize Auto-Med onto a piece of armor. Auto-Med is a nifty ability that automatically uses the appropriate item to heal status effects, such as an antidote for poison. If there are multiple status effects applied to a character at once, then Auto-Med will use a Remedy.

Auto-Med requires x20 Remedies to customize.

And like it is with most items, Rikku can use Remedies to create some cool mixes. Here’s a few that stand out:

Super Elixir (Elixir + Remedy): Fully restores the party’s HP and MP as well as curing all negative status effects.

Mighty G (Light Curtain + Remedy): Casts Shell, Protect, and Haste on all party members.

Final Phoenix (Mega Phoenix + Remedy): Revives all KO’d party members to full HP.

Remedy bribe drops / FFX HD
Remedies bribe drop

Are Remedies Worth Farming?


Remember: it’s always cheaper to buy them from Rin than to bribe fiends for them. Bribing for Remedies is great for any time before you have access to Rin’s final shop (especially for early-to-mid game stuff). But bribes are way more costly than just purchasing them.

Either way, Remedies are an amazing tool, and you should always try to have a good amount on you.

Not just because of their cool status-restoring properties, but also because they mix so well with Rikku.

Auto-med is kind of a meh ability on its own since there are so many other great auto-abilities.

But as an item, Remedies are top-notch.

Rin on the airship / FFX HD
Rin’s location on the airship
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