How To Recruit Rin in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Rin is the popular proprietor of the many Rin’s Travel Agencies across Spira, and he also plays Blitzball!

He can be found in the first corridor of the airship, right outside the passage to the bridge.

Just note that he’s first recruitable only once you get control of the airship, so this is kind of a later-game player to consider for the Aurochs.

His salary will cost you 100 gil per game.


Who is Rin?

You’ll learn all about Rin during Yuna’s pilgrimage.

He’s one of the more important side characters, and Rin is who discovered Auron after the end of Braska’s pilgrimage.

And sure enough, Rin also plays blitzball! Plus you can recruit him to the team, making him one of the very few signable story characters.

Rin Blitzball Stats Close-up Screenshot / FFX HD

Rin has good Pass (PA), Endurance (EN), and Block (BL) – all attributes that make a good midfielder.

He’s good at taking the ball and getting it to whoever needs it.

It helps that he can take a hit or two, and that he starts with both Venom Pass and Good Morning! – which are very useful for playing the role of the utility on the team.

His catch (CA) is abysmally low, however. So don’t expect him to make any miracle saves.

Keep him near others and focus on his ability to weather attacks and throw the ball.

Rin Location For Blitzball (Fullscreen) FFX HD

Is Rin Worth It?


But truth be told, there are better players out there.

Rin is easy to find, and since he never signs with anybody else, he’s always available. This is a plus and one good reason to consider him.

Both Rin and Brother are great for beginners to the game of blitz, or for players who like to reset their blitz progress a lot to manipulate the prizes offered.

It’s a common summary, but Rin is great for casual play, such as going for Wakka’s goodies.

But serious ‘level 99’ players will probably want to find somebody else.

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