FFX Sensor: How It Works & How To Get It

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Sensor in FFX is an ability that can be customized onto a weapon. When a character equipped with Sensor is on the battlefield, you will see additional information on your enemies in your battle UI.

The information shown will include:

  • Your target’s current HP
  • Elemental affinities
  • As well as tips on some of their abilities

You can customize a weapon to have Sensor with 2 ability spheres.

Note: A weapon’s name may change after customizing it with Sensor. The customize feature will be unlocked when you reach Guadosalam, shortly after Rikku joins your party permanently.


Where To Get Ability Spheres

Wakka Using Extract Ability / FFX
Wakka Using Extract Ability

Like most other spheres used on the Sphere Grid, ability spheres are dropped by enemies after defeating them.

Here’s a list of fiends that drop ability spheres naturally after a battle:

Enemy Name Location
Piranha Submerged Ruins, Besaid (Underwater)
Dual Horn Mi’ihen Highroad, Home
Basilisk Djose Highroad
Larvae Thunder Plains
Xiphos Macalania Woods
Chimera Macalania Woods, Home
Sand Worm Bikanel Island
Guado Guardian Home
Warrior Monk Bevelle
Maze Larvae Via Purifico
Chimera Brain Calm Lands
Epaaj Calm Lands
Valaha Cavern of the Stolen Fayth
Grendel Mt. Gagazet
Fallen Monk Zanarkand

Additionally, other fiends can drop ability spheres through the use of ability distillers, the Extract Ability skill, and by using weapons with the Distill Ability trait.


How To Use Sensor

Elemental Damage Overkill / FFX
Elemental Damage Overkill

Some of the information provided by Sensor can be utilized in obvious ways. For example, seeing the enemy’s HP can give you an idea of how long the battle will last.

Seeing a target’s resistances and weaknesses will also tell you how to take advantage of certain attacks and spells. However, there are other ways to use the information from Sensor.

Let’s go back to the example of seeing a fiend’s current HP.

If you notice that the fiend starting to get low on HP, you can prepare to use attacks it’s weak to for a better chance at getting an Overkill. This can help you plan overkills specifically to get extra drops.

Tip: When an enemy’s ability is mentioned in the Sensor UI & when the enemy’s ability is highlighted in blue text, that usually means Kimahri can learn that ability with Lancet.

And for one more obvious benefit, Sensor can also be more direct by straight-up telling you to inflict certain statuses on the enemy to avoid some of its attacks. So it’s definitely one of the better weapon abilities – and especially in the early game it’s worth getting as soon as possible.

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