FFX: Shaami Blitzball Stats + Location

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Shaami is a recruitable blitzball player that can be found on the Bridge in Luca.

She costs 190 gil per game to sign.

She’s also a free agent, meaning she’s hardly ever signed to other teams, making her readily available to join the Aurochs at almost any time.


Who is Shaami?

Shaami is a reporter in Luca who covers Blitzball. She also apparently enjoys playing the sport she covers on the side.

She can be found doing her thing in her home city, and is reasonably priced for her skills.

Perhaps she got out of the game to pursue her love of reporting?

Whatever the case, you can drag her back in for a price – and she’s not half bad!

At level one, Shaami has a decent set of skills, with an above-average Endurance (EN), Pass (PA), and Shoot (SH).

This makes her an equally above-average Forward.

She doesn’t start with any techniques, but she is constantly ready to be recruited (which is a plus). And she’s fairly cheap to boot.

Shaami Blitzball Stats & Abilities Screen / FFX HD

Shaami vs. Wedge: Which Should You Choose?

When it comes to discussing low-level “starter” teams, one discussion that always seems to come up is whether to go with either Shaami or Wedge.

Both live in Luca, and both can be recruited as soon as you get the ability to play Blitzball .

Plus they’re both comparable in stats.

Even their costs aren’t too far off.

When it comes down to it though, Wedge is the better choice.

Shaami is a good player for sure. But her stats don’t really take off like Wedge’s do.

And where she’s a good Forward, that’s all she’ll ever be. You can’t adjust her position easily like you can with Wedge.

You won’t go wrong with Shaami, especially at lower levels.

But for a comparison between the two – well, there’s no comparison. Wedge is better.

Shaami Location in Luca / FFX HD

Ultimately, is Shaami worth it?

Not really, no.

Not when a better choice is just a few loading zones away.

Shaami does have good Forward stats for early and mid-level. But those soon stop growing in the way you’ll need.

If you’re looking for an early-game player, Wedge is a far better choice.

Shaami won’t really grow like he will.

She’s a good player, definitely one of the better ones among all the FFX free agents.

But unfortunately with Blitzball there’s no point in taking anybody who isn’t the best of the best.

So sorry, Shaami. You’re still an ace reporter. Don’t lose sight of you dream, girl!

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