FFX: Shuu Free Agent Blitzball Guide (Location + Stats)

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Shuu can be found hanging around inside the café in Luca. She’s on the right side of the room wearing a maroon red shirt.

You can get to the café by going to the Square in Luca (just go south from the Blitzball Stadium and then follow that path to the right, it’ll lead you to the Square). Once you’re in the square, go up to the northernmost part of this area and look for a red carpet leading to a door.

This leads you inside the café – and Shuu can be found over to the right-hand side of the room.

She’s a free agent, so she’s available to recruit any time after you gain the ability to play blitzball from save points.

To get her onto the Aurochs she’ll cost 80 gil per game.

Luca Café Location (Entrance) Screenshot / FFX HD

Who is Shuu?

She’s a local at the busy Luca café & bar.

And Shuu also happens to be a somewhat accomplished blitzer.

Pay her and put her on your team, and you’ll find that she has the stats to fill just about any role (except Goalie). Though her decent Pass (PA) and Block (BL) lean her more toward the midfield.

Shuu Blitzball Stats Screenshot / FFX HD

As long as she steers clear of the goal, I don’t think she’s too bad anywhere though.

She even starts with some great abilities:

  • Nap Pass
  • Nap Pass 2
  • Venom Tackle
  • Wither Tackle

All of which further bolsters her already all-around usefulness.

One of Shuu’s minor flaws, however, is that both her Shoot (SH) and Block (BL) stat don’t grow very well.

Her Shoot won’t ever exceed 20 – and it actually goes down a few points between levels 80 and 99.

All that said, Shuu is still a solid blitzer.

Shuu Blitzballer Location Fullscreen / FFX HD

Is Shuu Worth It?

I’d say so.

She’s always available, easy to find, and doesn’t cost very much at all.

And since she resides in Luca, you can get her just about as soon as you can start building a team. And she’s in close vicinity to other awesome players, so Shuu is an easy Shuu-in for your great starting line-up.

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