FFX Silver Hourglass: Where To Farm + Common Uses

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The best way to farm Silver Hourglasses is by bribing the Kusariqqu (bless you) fiend. For a bribe of 11,125 gil, Kusariqqu will bequeath you x20 Silver Hourglasses.

Or if you’re looking for a cheaper option, you can also bribe Lamashtu with 6,875 gil for x10 Silver Hourglasses.

  • Kusariqqu can be found in the Thunder Plains
  • Lamashtu can be found on the Djose Highroad and Mushroom Rock Road

Both of these fiends also have a single Silver Hourglass as their rare steals. So if you want to go a much cheaper route, you can use Master Thief to continually farm for steals.

But these two fiends are the only way to farm Silver Hourglasses.

Lamashtu battle at Monster Arena / FFX HD

Silver Hourglass Uses

Using a Silver Hourglass with the “Use” command in battle will inflict both Slow and Delay on all enemies.

You can also use these items to customize Slowtouch onto weapons, and Slow Ward onto armor.

Slowtouch makes physical attacks have a ~50% chance to inflict slow. Slow Ward prevents the ailment with about the same percentage of success.

Aeons can also eat some Hourglasses to learn both Delay Attack and Slow.

  • Slowtouch requires 16 Silver Hourglasses
  • Slow Ward requires 10 Silver Hourglasses
  • Delay Attack (Aeon) requires 20 Silver Hourglasses
  • Slow (Aeon) requires 4 Silver Hourglasses

And Rikku can mix them together with other stuff using her Overdrive to make some cool stuff happen, such as:

Mega Phoenix (Phoenix Down + Silver Hourglass): Revives all KO’d party members.

Ultra-Cure (Al Bhed Potion + Silver Hourglass): Fully restores the party’s HP and cures all negative status effects.

Krysta (Ice Gem + Silver Hourglass): Attacks a single enemy with three medium-power ice strikes that also inflict slow and blind.


Are Silver Hourglasses Worth Farming?

Not really, no.

You get the Slow and Slowga spells fairly quickly just by progressing through the Sphere Grid.

And most enemies you’d want to slow are immune to it anyways. Plus if your party gets hit with Slow, dispelling the status is easy enough.

So both Slowtouch and Slow Ward aren’t too hot.

Even Rikku’s mixes can be made with other items.

So say “no thanks” so the Silver Hourglasses. Their time is up!

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