FFX Skill Sphere Farming Guide (Locations & Uses)

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The best (and really only) way to farm Skill Spheres is to bribe Zu enemies – and 360,000 gil buys you two of them. Zu are the huge flying birds that can be found flying all around the Bikanel Desert.

You can also get 3 Skill Spheres in various chests, but bribing Zu are the only way to farm them.

In FFX, Skill Spheres are used to teach characters skills that are already-known by other characters on the Sphere Grid.


Uses For Skill Spheres

The primary use of a Skill Sphere is – you guessed it – to learn skills.

A Skill Sphere allows a character to learn any skill that’s already been learned by another character, regardless of its location on the Sphere Grid.

For example, if Wakka knows Dark Buster, Yuna can use a Skill Sphere and learn it automatically – without having to move a single space on the Sphere Grid.

It’s a pretty handy way to customize your characters.

And it can customize your weapons too!

You can use a single Skill Sphere to customize any weapon with Strength +10%.

Skill Spheres can also teach an Aeon Triple Foul, an ability that inflicts Darkness, Sleep, and Silence on a single foe for (up to) three turns.

And just like with most items in FFX, Rikku can add it to her mixes. Here’s a few interesting ones:

Final Phoenix (Phoenix Down + Skill Sphere): Revives all defeated party members to full HP.

Final Elixir (Hi-Potion + Skill Sphere): Recovers the party’s HP and MP to maximum, revives KO’d members to full HP, and cures all status ailments.

Supernova (Dark Matter + Skill Sphere): Deals tremendous damage to all enemies & is capable of breaking the 9999 damage cap.


Are Skill Spheres Worth Farming?

Not really.

If you have a character that needs to learn a skill right this instant to get past a specific encounter, then maybe.

But ultimately, you’ll get more out of the time spent actually moving around the grid to that skill.

The customization abilities for Aeons and weapons can also be found elsewhere with items easier to obtain.

I’d wager that most players will be simply fine with the few Skill Spheres they find in chests, and won’t need to actively go after more than that.

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