How To Farm Stamina Tablets in FFX (Methods + Uses)

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The best way to farm Stamina Tablets is by bribing Defender enemies. For a bribe of 240,000 gil you get x20 Tablets.

But if you’re looking for a cheaper method, Adamantoises have one Stamina Tablet as a rare steal (the Master Thief ability can help with this).

  • Defenders (to bribe) can be found in the Cavern of Stolen Fayth
  • Adamantoises (to steal from) can be found both in the Final Dungeon and the Omega Ruins

Additionally, you can get a one-time gift of x60 Stamina Tablets by unlocking One-Eye at the Monster Arena.

One-Eye is unlocked after capturing four copies of every Eye-type enemy in Spira, which are:

  • Floating Eye (on the Mi’ihen Highroad)
  • Buer (on the Thunder Plains)
  • Evil Eye (in the Macalania area)
  • Ahriman (on Mt. Gagazet)
  • Floating Death (in the Omega Ruins)
Adamantoise battle / FFX HD
Adamantoise in the Monster Arena

What Are Stamina Tablets Used For?

A Stamina Tablet will double the max HP of one party member when used with the “Use” command in battle. Note this only lasts for the duration of the battle, so it has limited use cases.

These tablets can also be used to customize HP Stroll and Auto-Potion onto armors.

  • HP Stroll requires 2 Stamina Tablets to customize
  • Auto-Potion requires 4 Stamina Tablets to customize

Further, Rikku can toss a Stamina Tablet into her Overdrive mixing pot to create some pretty sweet results. Here are some of the best to try out:

Final Elixir (Door to Tomorrow + Stamina Tablet): Fully restores the party’s HP and MP as well as cures all negative status effects. The last elixir you’ll ever need!

Hot Spurs (Mega Phoenix + Stamina Tablet): Makes one party member’s Overdrive bar fill twice as fast.

Hyper Vitality (Phoenix Down + Stamina Tablet): Doubles the max HP of all party members.

Close-up screenshot of Defender enemy / FFX HD
Defender in FFX HD

Are Stamina Tablets Worth Farming?


Auto-Potion alone is a top-tier armor ability, and one of the very few that deserve a place on an ultimate armor.

HP Stroll is so-so whatever, but don’t pass up on Auto-Potion!

Honestly though, the 60 Stamina Tablets you get from unlocking One-eye is probably enough to last you the whole game.

Auto-Potion only takes four Stamina Tablets per armor that you customize. And you probably won’t need these tablets for many other uses.

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