Svanda Blitzball Free Agent Location + Stats (FFX)

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Svanda is a woman you can find hanging out in the Calm Lands. Specifically she’s on the northern edge of the Calm Lands, near a giant protrusion in the ground.

She looks a lot like the lady you rent chocobos from (also in the Calm Lands) and this is a point of confusion for many players, but Svanda is a different person.

Svanda is a free agent for blitzball, and to sign her onto the Aurochs she’ll cost 130 gil per game.

You can recruit her as soon as you arrive at the Calm Lands.


Who is Svanda?

As a resident of the Calm Lands, she really likes the place and wanders about the northmost ravine, just waiting for somebody to come and recruit her…

That somebody is you!

Svanda has decent blitz stats, too.

Svanda blitzball stats screenshot / FFX HD

Aside from her Catch (CA), that is. She has decent Shoot (SH) and Block (BL), making her a good forward.

As she powers up, her Endurance (EN) and Pass (PA) grow faster than the other numbers, which will make her good in just about any position (though forwarding her is still her best bet).

She also comes standard with Anti-Nap 2 and Venom Tackle 3.

I guess my biggest question about Svanda is simple… isn’t it hard swimming around with that big coat on?

Seems like it would get pretty heavy when you’re underwater but what do I know.

Svanda location in Calm Lands fullscreen / FFX HD

Is Svanda Worth It?

Yeah, sure.

Her stats get surprisingly good over time, and she’s easy to obtain.

She’s always there and can be recruited as soon as you arrive at the Calm Lands too. So she can join the Besaid Aurochs fairly early on.

Her late-level Endurance and Pass make her a queen when she gets there, but… you’ll have to get her there.

Whether her journey is worth the time is up to you.

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