Where To Get Tatts in FFX (Location + Blitzball Stats)

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Tatts is a sailor-man who can be found in Kilika Port.

He’s a free agent and loves blitzball, so you can recruit him at any time after the sending scene in Kilika. He costs 320 gil per game.


So, Who is Tatts?

He’s a pleasant sailor who first meets Yuna and her friends on the ship traveling between Besaid Island and Kilika.

After all that kerfuffle, he can be found in Kilika Port, and he’s just asking to be recruited.

Tatts’ best stats are Pass (PA) and Endurance (EN), and the rest of his numbers are fairly good too – except for Catch(CA), so just don’t make him your goalie.

Tatts blitzball stats screen / FFX HD

His stats stay good as he levels up too, keeping him a viable choice as a forward for his entire career.

One of Tatts’ strongest assets is that he comes standard with Invisible Shot.

This unique ability allows you to choose where in the goal your invisible ball will go, largely increasing your chances of making that goal. It’s a pretty cool shot, and it’s something you don’t see too often on free agents that you can recruit onto the Aurochs.

Fullscreen Tatts location in Kilika / FFX HD

Is Tatts Worth It?

Yup. He’s a good boy.

His stats are good, he has that really cool Invisible Shot ability, and he’s easy to find.

Yes he may cost a little bit more than your usual blitzball player, but he’s worth that price.

And he’s a free agent, so he’s always ready to blitz.

So go get him right now! Or whenever you want, really – he’ll be there waiting.

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