FFX Tech Find: How It Works + List of Abilities

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Tech Find is a reward from blitzball leagues and tournaments that lets blitzball players expand their potential technique list. When you win a Tech Find, it will automatically be used right after you’re given the prize. So make sure you know in advance which player to use it on and which ability you want to learn.

It’s worth noting that Tech Find does not immediately teach your player the ability. It only unlocks the opportunity for that player to learn the ability, even if that player never would have been able to learn that ability by default.

But even after using Tech Find on somebody in your blitzball team, you will still need to play games with that player & use Techcopy during a blitzball match for them to acquire the ability.


How Tech Find Works

Tech Find as 1st Place Prize / FFX
Tech Find as 1st Place Prize

When you’re prompted to use Tech Find, you’ll need to select which player you will give it to.

After choosing a player, it will open up their tech list.

Learning Tech Find / FFX
Learning Tech Find

Here, you can select a slot on the techniques list to open up with Tech Find.

One important thing to note: slots that have a set of dashes indicate that the player can learn that tech without Tech Find. So those abilities might be worth learning on your own via Techcopy.

So you generally want to select spot in your techniques list that is completely blank.

But this doesn’t give you the Tech right away – instead, it gives you the chance to learn it through a Techcopy.

Note: Character-specific Techs like Jecht Shot cannot be learned by other players even with Tech Find.


Blitzball Tech Find List

Keepa's Tech List / FFX
Keepa’s Tech List

So at this point you might be wondering, “If I have to select a blank space on the list, how will I know what I’m getting”?

Fortunately, the different techs are positioned exactly the same way for every player regardless of whether or not they can learn them.

Here’s how these abilities will be arranged:

Page 1 Abilities
Jecht Shot Wither Shot Wither Pass 2
Jecht Shot 2 Wither Shot 2 Wither Pass 3
Sphere Shot Wither Shot 3 Volley Shot
Invisible Shot Venom Pass Volley Shot 2
Venom Shot Venom Pass 2 Volley Shot 3
Venom Shot 2 Venom Pass 3 Venom Tackle
Venom Shot 3 Nap Pass Venom Tackle 2
Nap Shot Nap Pass 2 Venom Tackle 3
Nap Shot 2 Nap Pass 3 Nap Tackle
Nap Shot 3 Wither Pass Nap Tackle 2
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Key Techniques
Page 2 Abilities
Nap Tackle 3 Anti-Venom 2 Brawler
Wither Tackle Anti-Nap Pile Venom
Wither Tackle 2 Anti-Nap 2 Pile Wither
Wither Tackle 3 Anti-Wither Regen
Drain Tackle Anti-Wither 2 Good Morning!
Drain Tackle 2 Anti-Drain Hi-Risk
Drain Tackle 3 Anti-Drain 2 Golden Arm
Tackle Slip Spin Ball Gamble
Tackle Slip 2 Grip Gloves Super Goalie
Anti-Venom Elite Defence Aurochs Spirit
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Key Techniques

Who Should You Use Tech Find With?

Keepa, Besaid Aurochs Goalie / FFX
Keepa, Besaid Aurochs Goalie

There are dozens of blitzball players you can recruit to the Besaid Aurochs. And while some are definitely stronger than others, there really isn’t a rule on who to use Tech Find on.

In fact, it’s very possible to do well in blitzball games with just the default Besaid Aurochs team, even if you never use Tech Find at any point.

That being said, if you want to be more efficient when using Tech Find, you’d generally want to use it on a player with high stats that lacks specific valuable Techs. The most common example of this is Keepa, the starting goalie for the Besaid Aurochs.

When you start setting Techs for your team, you’ll notice right away that Keepa’s list is almost bare.

However, his stats do start to pile up when he starts increasing in level.

At later levels, he will be viable for other positions on the team given the right Techs. But ultimately you can’t really go wrong using a Tech Find on any player – so it’s largely up to personal preference and how you want to build out your team.

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