Where To Farm Teleport Spheres in FFX (Uses + Locations)

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The best place to farm Teleport Spheres is by fighting Sleep Sprout in the Monster Arena. It drops up to two spheres per defeat.

Sleep Sprout is unlocked after capturing 5 of every fungus-type fiends on Spira.

Luckily there’s only 3 fungus-type fiends, but remember you need five copies of each of them:

  • Funguar (Mushroom Rock Road)
  • Thorn (Cavern of the Stolen Fayth)
  • Exoray (Sin Interior)

For other options, you can also get Teleport Spheres as rare drops from both Master Tonberry and Th’uban.

Master Tonberrys can be found in the Omega Ruins.

Th’uban is unlocked at the Monster Arena after unlocking six other Species Conquest beasts.

And finally, if you want to bribe your way to Teleport Spheres, you can bribe Barbatos enemies Inside Sin with 1,900,000 gil for 20 Spheres.


Teleport Sphere Uses

Teleport Spheres allows a character on the Sphere Grid to move to any other already activated node – a teleport, if you will.

Understand now why they’re so hard to come?

Teleport Spheres are invaluable for creating your own unique party builds.

Want Rikku to take a quick trip over to Yuna’s side of the grid for a bit to pick up some spells and magic power?

A few Teleport Spheres can get her there and back with no worse for wear.

Battling a Master Tonberry in FFX HD

You can also use a Teleport Sphere to customize the Evade & Counter ability, which allows a character to always counterattack after evading an enemy attack.

And Rikku can also use Teleport Spheres in her mixes. Highlights include:

Super Elixir (Ability Distiller + Teleport Sphere): Cures the party’s negative status effects and restores their HP and MP fully

Hot Spurs (Elixir + Teleport Sphere): Doubles Overdrive gain for one party member

FreedomX (Three Stars + Teleport Sphere): Reduces ability costs to zero for the whole party


Are Teleport Spheres Worth Farming?

Teleport Spheres are a fantastic tool to make your characters exactly as you want them.

And as an extension of that, they’re useful to help each character become as powerful as you need to be to break into all the endgame content.

Sleep Sprout is one of the least-intimidating Monster Arena creations to fight, and it can be farmed with relative ease once you get into a groove. So farming teleport spheres should be fairly easy (if not a bit boring).

Even once you’ve gotten to the point where you can get as many Sphere Levels as you want and are moving around the grid freely, being able to teleport around is still super convenient.

So in summation, yes, it is worth farming for a few dozen Teleport Spheres. Go get ’em!

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