How Do You Get Triple AP Weapons? (FFX)

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There are two different ways you can go about getting Triple AP:

  1. Farming weapon drops that have Triple AP already on them
  2. Farming Wings to Discovery, which can be used to customize Triple AP onto any weapon

The easiest way to get Triple AP weapons is by unlocking and farming One-Eye at the Monster Arena. This Species Conquest fiend commonly drops weapons with the Triple AP ability already slotted onto them.

And as a bonus, One-Eye can also drop rare stuff like Dark Matter, so farming him always gets you something good.

One-Eye will be unlocked after you capture four copies of every Eye-type enemy in Spira. Here’s the list of every fiend to capture (remember you need x4 copies of each):

  • Floating Eye (on the Mi’ihen Highroad)
  • Buer (on the Thunder Plains)
  • Evil Eye (around Macalania Lake)
  • Ahriman (on Mt. Gagazet)
  • Floating Death (in the Omega Ruins)
One-Eye in Monster Arena / FFX HD
One-Eye battle

Customizing Triple AP

If you’d rather customize Triple AP yourself then you’ll need x50 Wings to Discovery.

These can be easily obtained with bribes from two fiends:

  • Bribe Great Malboros 1,280,000 Gil for x8 Wings
  • Bribe Malboros 540,000 Gil for x4 Wings

The Monster Arena creation Shinryu also has a single Wing as a drop. But the bribes are far quicker for farming (assuming you have the Gil).

Great Malboros (to bribe 1.28m Gil) can be found in the Omega Ruins and in the final dungeon.

Malboros (to bribe 540k Gil) can be found on the Calm Lands and inside certain rooms in the Cavern of Stolen Fayth.

Great Malboro Bribe / FFX HD
Great Malboro bribe

What Does Triple AP Do?

It triples your AP gain – it says it right there in the name!

This ability takes the base amount of whatever AP you would earn from each battle, and triples it.

But note that it does not stack with Double AP.

So the two abilities operate completely separately.

That being said, this is probably one of the most important weapon abilities to have when you’re grinding to unlock the rest of your Sphere Grid.

Auron Painkiller Triple AP Weapon / FFX HD
Auron’s Painkiller Triple AP weapon

Is Triple AP Worth It?

Yes, especially to exploit the famed Don Tonberry trick.

Using a combination of:

  • Triple AP
  • Triple Overdrive
  • Overdrive > AP

You can use Don Tonberry to gain 99 sphere levels in a single battle. Here’s a brief guide explaining how the trick works.

Triple AP is crucial to making this trick work.

But even outside of that method, Triple AP is great to have on its own while you’re exploring or farming for anything else.

Extra AP never hurts, and you’ll want to fill up that Sphere Grid sometime!

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