FFX Triple Foul: How It Works & Is It Worth Using?

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Triple Foul is an ability that will deal damage and apply Darkness, Sleep, and Silence to an enemy for 3 turns. It has a 100% chance of inflicting these status effects, so the only way it will fail is if the target has any status resistances.

Triple Foul is worth using when you’re looking to land at least one of the three status ailments tied to it. Even if you’re looking to apply only one status effect, Triple Foul is more efficient to use compared to Buster attacks, since its effects will last longer.

Triple Foul Details
Command Skill
Effect Deal damage and apply Darkness, Sleep, and Silence for 3 turns
Cost 24 MP
Target Single enemy
Sphere Grid Section Wakka
Sphere Needed Ability Sphere

How Does Triple Foul Work?

Triple Foul Attack Animation / Final Fantasy X
Triple Foul Attack Animation

When a character uses Triple Foul, their basic attack animation will play. When the attack lands, all three status effects of Darkness, Sleep, and Silence will be applied. And these status effects will last for 3 turns.

Although all status effects tied to Triple Foul are 100% guaranteed to stick, resistances will be computed individually. So if your target completely resists Darkness, then only Sleep and Silence will be applied.

Since the damage that comes from Triple Foul is a basic attack, its damage will be scaled off of the character’s Strength stat. It can also be affected by auto-abilities like Strength +10% and Break Damage Limit.

Damage bonuses from Celestial Weapons will also be applied.


Unlocking Triple Foul

Triple Foul on the Sphere Grid / Final Fantasy X
Triple Foul on the Sphere Grid

You will come across Triple Foul on the Sphere Grid when going through Wakka’s section. Once you’re close enough to it, you can unlock the skill with an Ability Sphere.

I would suggest picking up Triple Foul for as many characters as possible, especially earlier in the game if you can. Because you never know when you’ll need a guaranteed Silence or Darkness status for an emergency.

But even if only 1 or 2 characters can learn the ability, that’s still enough to carry you through, since it’s easy to swap out characters mid-battle as needed.

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