Where Do You Get Turbo Ethers in FFX?

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The only way to farm Turbo Ethers is to bribe them from certain enemies. Exorays, Thorns, and Funguars can all be bribed with various amounts to earn Turbo Ethers.

Exoray can be found in the final dungeon. A bribe of 148,000 gil will get you x30 Turbo Ethers.

Thorn fiends can be found in the Cavern of Stolen Fayth, and for 81,600 gil you get x16 Turbo Ethers.

Funguars are all over Mushroom Rock Road, and for 10,800 gil you get x2 Turbo Ethers.

Here’s a quick table of all the Turbo Ether bribes and how much you get:

Fiend Bribe Amount Turbo Ethers
Exoray 148,000 gil x30
Thorn 81,600 gil x16
Funguar 10,800 gil x2

You can get a one-time reward of x60 Turbo Ethers by unlocking Bomb King at the Monster Arena. Bomb King is unlocked by capturing x5 copies of each bomb-type enemy in Spira:

  • Bombs (on the Mi’ihen Highroad)
  • Grenades (on Mt. Gagazet)
  • Puroburos (in the Omega Ruins)

Turbo Ether Uses in FFX

These are like Ethers, but better.

A Turbo Ether restores 500 MP to a single character, which is pretty handy.

Magic is pretty pricey in Final Fantasy X. And before getting stuff like One MP Cost, it’s easy to run dry very quickly. So having a stock of Turbo Ethers can be a lifesaver.

You can also use Turbo Ethers to customize Magic Booster onto a weapon. This ability increases a spell’s power at the cost of an increased MP cost.

Magic Booster requires 30 Turbo Ethers to customize.

Rikku can also mix up some Turbo Ethers in her overdrive. Here are some standout results:

FreedomX (Remedy + Turbo Ether): Makes abilities have a zero MP cost for the duration of battle.

Mega Mana (Antidote + Turbo Ether): Doubles the party’s max MP for the duration of battle.

Hyper Vitality (Stamina Tonic + Turbo Ether): Doubles the Party’s max HP and casts Cheer.

Exoray Battle Screenshot in FFX HD

Are These Worth Farming?

Just playing through for the story? No.

You get enough from chests and boss drops, as well as regular Ethers, that you’ll be okay.

But if you’re playing the game to see & do as much as you can? Yes.

Turbo Ethers aren’t really that expensive in the grand scheme of things, especially when it comes to Bribe.

And they’re one of those healing items that are just nice to have around.

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