FFX Underdog’s Secret: Where To Farm & What It Does

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The best way to get more Underdog’s Secret is by farming Th’uban, a monster you can fight at the Arena after unlocking six other Species Conquest monsters. It can drop x1 Underdog’s Secret per battle as a common item drop.

And for uses, Underdog’s Secret is an item that can customize Double Overdrive onto a weapon – an auto-ability which doubles the amount of overdrive a character earns.

You’ll need 30 Underdog’s Secret for every Double Overdrive you customize.


Where To Get Underdog’s Secrets

Underdog’s Secret is one of the rarer items in Final Fantasy X. In fact, the only enemy that drops it is the Monster Arena creation, Th’uban.

Th’uban can be battled after unlocking six other monsters in the Species Conquest category, and it’ll drop one Underdog’s Secret per fight.

And the other ways to obtain Underdog’s Secrets are substantially more troublesome.

During the siege of the Al Bhed Home, some of the invading Guado summon a Chimera for you to fight.

This specific Chimera can be bribed with 180,000 gil for 15 Underdog’s Secrets (your mileage may vary depending on how much money you have at that point in the game).

However, this will only work during the Siege on the Al Bhed Home. Once you leave that area, every other Chimera in the game will give you Mana Tablets for the same bribe.

You can also get 99 Underdog’s Secrets from Rin after finding all the Al Bhed primers scattered around Spira, though that’s a one-time thing and also no small task.

Farming Th’uban is really the only way to get as many Underdog’s Secrets as you want.

Th'uban Monster Arena Battle / Final Fantasy X HD

Underdog’s Secret Uses

Double Overdrive allows a character to use overdrives a lot more frequently (as you’d expect), no matter which mode you have them set onto.

This is great if you like to end battles quickly, or are looking to fill up the bars in preparation for an upcoming boss.

Underdog’s Secrets can also be used in a few of Rikku’s more powerful mixes:

Final Elixir: Fully restores the party and revives KO’d characters.

Final Phoenix: Revives a party member with full HP.

Trio of 9999: The party will deal 9999 damage with each attack for the duration of the battle.

Eccentric: Doubles how fast Overdrives fill.

Super Mighty G: Applies Haste, Shell, Protect and Regen on the party.


Are Underdog’s Secrets Worth Farming?

Unfortunately, Double Overdrive is overshadowed by its big brother: Triple Overdrive.

And that ability is much easier to obtain.

If you’re a completionist or somebody who’s looking for a stop-gap between the two, then Double Overdrive is perfect – but otherwise it may be unnecessary.

That said, if you come across a few, having them around for Rikku’s mixes is always nice.

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