FFX: Vuroja’s Blitzball Stats + Location

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Vuroja can be found swimming around the docks in Kilika. You’ll have to use one of the lower piers to get to him.

He’s also a member of the Kilika Beasts, so to get him onto the Aurochs you’ll have to wait until his contract expires before you can recruit him.

He costs 50 gil per game, and you can look to hire him as soon as you can play blitzball from save points.


Who is Vuroja?

A grizzled old Blitzball vet, Vuroja is the team captain of the Kilika Beasts, his hometown team.

This local hero has seen a lot and has stat growth to reflect this journey.

While he may not be special at lower levels, as you bring him through the ranks, Vuroja’s stats become better and better until they reach some of the best in the game.

Vuroja blitzball stats screen / FFX HD

At level 99, only a few other players can match Vuroja’s Pass (PA) and Endurance (EN).

The dude truly is a beast and a terrific midfielder or defender.

Admittedly, Shoot (SH) and Catch (CA) aren’t great. But with such high stats everywhere else, you won’t mind not having him near those roles.

Vuroja fullscreen location screenshot / FFX HD

Is Vuroja Worth It?

I know we just went on extolling this man’s terrific late-game stats, but they are just that: late-game.

It takes quite a few levels for Vuroja to really shine. And by then you might just be done with blitzball.

If you’re playing this mini-game only for Wakka’s reels and Celestial goodies then I don’t think Vuroja is worth the time.

He is a true monster at higher levels, but that’s a level typically reserved only for folk who like blitzball a lot.

If you’re one of those people and need to have the all-star team of all-stars then Vuroja is worth every penny (which isn’t even that many!)

Final question: is it hard to play blitzball with an eyepatch?

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