FFX Warrior Overdrive Mode: How To Get It & How It Works

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Each party member will learn Warrior Mode after 100-300 turns where they dealt damage to an enemy in battle (the required number is different for each character). This is usually one of the first Overdrive Modes you’ll unlock for most characters.

The Warrior Overdrive Mode lets a character fill their Overdrive gauge by dealing damage, and the amount of how much their Overdrive gauge increases will scale with the amount of damage they deal in each turn. This is extremely useful for characters who tend to focus more on offense like Lulu, Tidus, and Auron.

To change a character’s Overdrive Mode, open your menu and go to the Overdrive section. From there, select a character and go to the Mode tab and choose from the different modes you’ve unlocked.


Learning Warrior Mode

A Typical Battle Encounter in FFX / FFX
A Typical Battle Encounter in FFX

To learn any particular Overdrive Mode, you’d need to fulfill its condition in battle a certain number of times for each character.

Since Warrior Mode fills your Overdrive bar by dealing damage, you can learn it by dealing damage to enemies.

Some characters will learn certain Overdrive Modes quicker than others. Here’s a list that shows how many turns each party member needs to deal damage in order to learn Warrior Mode:

Character Number of Turns to Learn Warrior Mode
Tidus 150
Yuna 200
Wakka 160
Lulu 300
Kimahri 120
Auron 100
Rikku 140

Using Warrior Mode

Setting a Character to Warrior Mode / Final Fantasy X
Setting a Character to Warrior Mode

When a character is set to Warrior Mode, the rate at which their Overdrive gauge fills is not fixed. Instead, their gauge will fill up faster when dealing more damage.

Keep in mind that using offensive items or Overdrive attacks will not fill your gauge in Warrior Mode despite dealing damage.

As mentioned earlier, Warrior Mode is very useful for characters that like to go on the offensive. Using this mode will give you extra incentive for dealing more damage per turn, rewarding you with more burst opportunities.

Overall, setting your main damage dealers to Warrior Mode has the potential to boost your total damage output significantly.

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